Dancing on the Edge

Costa Rica by Land

February 9-April 21, 2022
We dodged potholes on gravel roads through towering tropical trees, heliconia, and orchids. The temperature dropped as we reached St. Elena-Monteverde. I donned a long-sleeved shirt to hike along the trail. St. Elena is a funky town full of trekkers, bird watchers and artsy shops. Sodas, TICO restaurants, are everywhere. We toured a coffee and chocolate finca. There is something unique about processing coffee in each country. Cows trotted quickly to the stall for handouts. Oh my!

Dan and I traversed the Monteverde Hanging Bridges, about 3 miles of bridges and forest trails. These are the longest and highest spans in the country. Not only did our excellent guide know botany, he also knew bird songs and whistles. We stood about 100 feet above the valley floor on a swinging span as he called to quetzals. We had much better luck watching the noisy howler monkey troupe swing through the trees. Elusive avians!