Dancing on the Edge

Costa Rica by Land

February 9 - April 21, 2022
We traveled along the coast, over mountains, across rivers, and through semi-arid hills. About 25% of Costa Rica is national parks or protected lands. Mountain ranges fill the center of the country. Roads twist and turn. The speed of life in Central America is slow and steady--"island time."

Dan and I rode through cattle country. Gray Brahmans, horses and cowboys rested under mostly leafless Guanacaste trees. Roadside pickups sold sandia, cocos, and papayas. We drove on a highway for miles--4 paved lanes without potholes. Imagine that!

We followed a twisty two-lane road past black fields of burned sugar cane stalks. Farm trucks overloaded with bales of hay, aka straw, crept along. We spotted an enormous field of wind turbines stretched across windy mountainous farmland. Dairy cattle grazed in rock filled pastures of green grass on the fincas. Papagayos!