Dancing on the Edge

Layover in Zihuatanego

October 27-29, 2022
17* 38.13N 101* 33.35W

We woke in a lovely setting with glorious sunshine, a beautiful Malecon--paper mache heads, and a La Catrina for Dios de los Muertos in Zihuatanego. Many fishing pangas lined the shore. We saw a few buildings and a church that appeared to have been built in the 1800s. The houses and resorts on the hillside reminded us of European towns we have visited. There is a vibrant music scene, a variety of restaurants and shops with handmade crafts. This city on the coast attracts a lot of visitors and winter residents.

LizAnn and I visited the town in search of cruiser necessities at every stop--bread, fresh fruit and vegetables. Since we had traveled almost 600NM, Dan and Greg wanted to check over the engine and other systems--especially the windlass and the VHF radio.

After a long morning of work, we all needed to stretch our legs and to satisfy our appetites. Greg ordered Posole, a traditional Mexican stew made from hominy. Our other dishes were very good, but he got the prize for the best lunch selection! We took the dinghy around the bay in search of a place to enjoy a dip in the water. We really need those dinghy wheels installed to deal with tides!

The fishing pangas rushed by us twice a day. In the morning, we watched them launch each other from the sand and motor out to the open water with nets. In the evening, we watched them return--gunning their engines to run the bow as far as possible onto the shore. It was fascinating to watch the pangas race around from baitfish boil to baitfish boil. One guy manned the engine and another one stood on the bench with a large bait net over his shoulder. As the boat approached the bait fish, the net flew through the air. When other pangas joined in the hunt, they seemed to race against each other to reach the fish boils. If a fisherman filled the net with fish, the pelicans joined in the fun. They waited by the side, hoping for an escapee fish! We had so much fun watching the show. Yacht TV is the best!