The Travels of Dancing Bear

Dancing Bear now based in Manly Harbour ,Brisbane ,Queensland Australia

24 October 2014 | Moreton Bay
15 October 2014 | Brisbane
30 September 2014 | Port Moselle Marina Noumea New Caledonia
29 September 2014 | Tanna ,Vanuatu
15 September 2014 | Suva Fiji
11 September 2014 | Tonga
09 September 2014
31 August 2014 | Tonga
24 August 2014 | Vavau ,Tonga
08 August 2014 | Bora Bora Yacht Club
06 August 2014 | Bora Bora
23 July 2014 | Tahiti
16 July 2014 | Fakarava ,Tumatus ,French Polynesia
15 July 2014 | Fakarava , Tumatus ,French Polynesia
10 July 2014 | Nuka Hiva
06 July 2014 | Nuka Hiva
01 July 2014 | Fatu Hiva
01 July 2014 | Fatu Hiva
01 June 2014 | Galapagos

Sailing in Moreton Bay ,Queensland

24 October 2014 | Moreton Bay
Out with our Aussie Postin family Jamie ,Candice ,Kaden,Lincoln,Carys and Jacqui ,Sailing around and generally having fun .
I think we have some budding sailers in the family everyone getting used to the motion and how things work on the boat .

We arrived Safe in Brisbane, Australia

15 October 2014 | Brisbane
Well all who have followed our remarkable adventure ,Through the Caribbean and the Pacific ,The 10500 mile journey is now complete and we are now in Manly harbour ,Brisbane .
It has been a massive experience the sights underwater and above ,The cultures and the refreshing fact that most people in the world are very good people who just get on with life within there own culture and are friendly to all .
It's going to hard to stop now ,It has been a fantastic adventure for 9.5 months
Dancing Bear is in the Harbour now and happily tucked away for local adventures
Watch this space ................

Port Resolution to Port Moselle

30 September 2014 | Port Moselle Marina Noumea New Caledonia
Tanna Vanuatu to Noumea 260 Miles , We set out in calm seas and on first day and by the second we were getting smashed by a squall after squall and 30 knot winds which eventually turned right on the nose when we were about 40 miles from the pass at the bottom of New Caledonia ,
It was hard to sleep when not on watch but once again Dancing Bear creaked and groaned but did her job and got us through ,A little wind damage to the Bimini.
Once through the pass we traveled 40 miles through the lagoon and had a pleasant sail 15 Knots Beam reach to Port Moselle Noumea and we arrived at the Port Moselle Marina .
Now sitting on the Dock checked in and getting a few jobs done ,Bottom scrape for algae ect ,Bimini repair and final checks before we leave for Brisbane Australia 780 miles to go .

Port Resolution

29 September 2014 | Tanna ,Vanuatu
Arriving In Port Resolution without an accurate Chart on the Chart plotter was a concern but entry to the Harbour was easy ,Named after Captain Cooks HMS Resolution ,I asked a local whose Ancestor met Captain Cook on the Beach and the name was a result of a misunderstanding .The Native was talking about the location and Captain Cook said He was from the Resolution so the Native presumed Captain Cook had named the bay Port Resolution .
We visited the Volcano and got to know the locals very well who came out to us on dug outs every day bringing fruit and veggies .
The Village was close by and the people invited us to join them for Carva and dinner .The people live upto the name of the friendly Islands


15 September 2014 | Suva Fiji
It's interesting walking around this large Port City ,There is a clash of cultures which in the past has led to unrest ,The government have worked at getting the 2 great cultures to reach across to each other and be more accepting ,
I think it has worked well and people in this City have been very friendly to us as visitors ,Lots of Aussie stores here ,A nice experience we are moored off the Royal Suva Yacht club

Whale Watching Vavau Tonga

11 September 2014 | Tonga
Just a flashback to over a week ago ,We went Whale Watching and Snorkeled with a number of Hump Back Whales ,Thanks to Beluga Diving and Whale watching for taking us out ,Amaizing experience
Vessel Name: Dancing Bear
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau Oceanis 423
Hailing Port: Brisbane,Australia
Crew: Tom & Jacqui Postin
About: Tom English Born Migrated to Australia 1988 keen Sailer & Diver Jacqui Postin Married to Tom for 40 years this year 2013
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Dancing Bear

Who: Tom & Jacqui Postin
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