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MMA on the seas!

02 August 2011 | Underway from Maine
Ahoy everyone! Capt. Jeff here on board the S/V Boundless! On board with me is a group of students from MMA (Massanutten Military Academy) from Woodstock, Virginia. The group arrived Sunday after a very long day and night of train travel from Virginia to Portland, Maine. After two days of training on board we set off this morning in thick, heavy fog down the Maine coast on our way to New York City. We hope to arrive in NYC in about 7 days from now and spend 3-4 days exploring the city. Along the way we’ll make many stops and we hope to be in Cape Ann, Massachusetts this evening. We’ll anchor for the night there and all on board are looking forward to the barbecue chicken dinner later this evening. And now, from the rest of the crew…
Greetings from the North Atlantic. This is Coach Wymer and I have to tell you the kids are having the time of their lives so far, even during the training. They’ve seemed to really take to being a part of the crew and learning what it takes to manage and tame the sea. We’ve gotten to watch some seals in the past few days, but they’ve been watching us in return mostly. They were curious of us and a delight to watch how they regarded us. We’ve even seen a few dolphins but they haven’t been seen long so I sadly I couldn’t get some pictures of them. We’re in whale territory and everyone’s keeping watch because seeing a whale is something we are all hopeful for. Plenty of time though. I’ll write more later and let the cadets write a bit to you while I stand on the bow and marvel at the expanse in front of us. Wish you all were here!
This is Jack Crawford. So far the trip has been good. In our first destination, Goslings, there were an excessive amount of seals. All of us were taking pictures and since my camera was water proof, I started taking pictures under water. As I lifted my hand out of water I felt my camera snatch off the cord that was around my wrist. I believe that it was a seal that snatched it off. Either that or it just ripped off itself. Next we went to Cliff Island. There, we went to an ice cream shop. In the morning at Cliff Island, it was really foggy, but we still set sail. Now we are underway. Meaning we’re on our way to our next destination. I’m really looking forward to going to New York and going to the Broadway show. Until then!
Good evening people! This is Ben Pang on Captain Jeff’s Ship! So far it’s been pretty fun we saw many creatures that live in the ocean, including seals, dolphins and I am looking forward to see whales in the later days on this ship. Because I am a crippled it was pretty hard for me to walk around the ship and do all other things and try to keep up with others. Except for that, until now it’s been quite fine. If you are a male I think you need to look at this, because boys need to sit down while they release nasty stuff which is quite interesting if you have never been on a smaller ship before! If you are planning to come on board with Captain Jeff, I will recommend you to bring lots of sunscreen, as you can tell it has been sunny all day!
Good evening, this is Li. In this morning, we sailed in fog. It’s very hard to sail. We began at low speed, and I was a lookout point to help other people find the right way. It should not be left unsaid, the weather is very cold. During the voyage we saw whales for three times, and caught by a storm. Totality be going to says, today’s voyage is very successfully. This is the first time I sailed in the sea, is a very exciting trip, and I have learned a lot of things.
Vessel Name: Boundless
Vessel Make/Model: Morgan 462
Hailing Port: Chester Gap, VA
Crew: Capt. Jeff
Home Page: www.differentdrumsailing.com
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Who: Capt. Jeff
Port: Chester Gap, VA