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12 June 2013 | Potomac River
12 June 2013 | Potomac River
18 April 2013 | Ship Channel Cay
18 April 2013 | Norman's Cay
20 March 2013 | Highbourne Cay
20 March 2013 | Highbourne Cay
20 March 2013 | Shroud Cay
20 March 2013 | Shroud Cay
20 March 2013 | Norman's Cay
20 March 2013 | Allen's Cay
20 March 2013 | Allen's Cay
24 February 2013 | Norman''s Cay
24 February 2013 | Norman''s Cay
24 February 2013 | Allen's Cay
24 February 2013 | Ship Channel Cay
21 February 2013 | Nassau
21 February 2013 | Nassau
21 February 2013 | Nassau
20 February 2013 | Coral Harbour
18 February 2013 | Coral Harbour

MMA Day 7

05 August 2011 | Woods Hole
Hi everyone, Capt. Jeff here1 We have been doing so incredibly much everyday it's been hard to keep up with the blog! I will try to get the group to write more but by the end of the day we're all pretty tired. We're all pretty excited about sailing into New York City sometime in the next 4-5 days!

MMA Maine to NYC Sailing Adventure Day 6:
This is Jack again and so far we are on day six. Yesterday, underway, we saw a couple whales. It was an amazing sight to see. On the way, we also seat boarded, which was fun. Then we anchored in Province town Cape Cod where we went to the beach. There, we saw crabs, hermit crabs, fish, and ducks. Now we’re underway through to Cape Cod Canal and to Onset, MA. Hopefully we get to see more whales on the way there.

Coach here, folks. Wow. So much to say over the last few days. This has been the trip of a lifetime and a trip I myself have needed for my own experiencing of life’s lessons and journeys. The highlights you ask? The thing that really got me going was when we headed out to the open Atlantic for the first time. The morning was foggy. Very foggy. Zero percent visibility foggy. I had to sit on the bow keeping an eye peeled for possible obstacles in the way for about 40 minutes as the Boundless motored through the murk at a snail’s pace until the fog cleared. To be responsible for success or failure just sitting on the bow and being vigilant was an amazing experience that I could not possibly put into words. I also got to see live whales for the first time in my life which is something I have dreamt of seeing since I was a little boy. The brief glimpses of water thrown through the blowholes of these gorgeous animals took my breath away. I have felt freedom out here. True freedom. The freedom to know that you are doing something meaningful and are truly alive on the planet. The freedom that one can wake up every day excited for what lay ahead and that every singular day is a miracle of nature. It can make a man feel so small and yet so strong and clearheaded all at once. I hope beyond hope that the cadets understand this kind of freedom and the understanding of what is truly and unequivocally important in life. They are helping this ship to run with great enthusiasm and vigor, and we’re having a barrel of laughs in the process. Be proud of these. I am. We’ll write more very soon. Me and the guys are going to go live some more.

Vessel Name: Boundless
Vessel Make/Model: Morgan 462
Hailing Port: Chester Gap, VA
Crew: Capt. Jeff
Home Page: www.differentdrumsailing.com
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Who: Capt. Jeff
Port: Chester Gap, VA