Deep Blue

Living The Dream

River Antoine Rum Distillery

15 November 2016
Since 1785, a giant water-wheel (the oldest working water wheel in the western hemisphere) has been turned by the waters of the River Antoine to provide the power needed to crush bundles of sugar cane in order to extract the all-important juice needed to make strong White Rivers Rum.

The juice is heated through a series of huge copper kettles before being left to ferment naturally prior to then being twice distilled. The distillery hasn’t changed much since 1785 and is very labour intensive but the authenticity of their product is very important to them. Their strongest rum, at 75% proof, is too potent to be transported by plane, which was lucky for us being on a boat!

After the tasting, at the end of tour, we also bought a bottle of their chocolate liqueur rum, delicious after dinner, cold from the fridge.
Vessel Name: Deep Blue
Vessel Make/Model: Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2
Hailing Port: Shotley, UK
Crew: Chris & Sandra Mennem
We have realised a long held dream to 'Sell Up & Sail'. Having sailed in the Mediterranean and Caribbean on holiday, we have taken the plunge, waved goodbye to corporate life and want to see where the wind blows us. [...]
Extra: Contact details:- Tel: 07937 061051 (from a UK landline) +44 7937 061051 (from a mobile)
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Who: Chris & Sandra Mennem
Port: Shotley, UK