Delivery Captain

13 May 2011 | Morro Bay
12 May 2011
10 May 2011 | 35 15'N:122 45'W, California Waters
09 May 2011 | 34 38'N:123 52'W, Pacific High
07 May 2011 | 32 36'N:129 27'W, Pacific High
06 May 2011 | 32 36'N:129 27'W, Pacific High
05 May 2011 | 32 13'N:130 52'W, Pacific High
04 May 2011 | 32 58'N:132 31'W, Pacific High
03 May 2011 | 33 08'N:133 56'W, Pacific High
02 May 2011 | 33 05'N:134 46'W, Pacific High
01 May 2011 | 32 35'N:136 26'W, Pacific High
01 May 2011 | 32 59'N:137 59'W, Pacific High
29 April 2011 | 32 59'N:137 59'W, Pacific High
28 April 2011 | 32 26'N:138 12'W, Pacific Gyre
27 April 2011 | 32 02'N:139 35'W, Pacific Gyre
26 April 2011 | 31 33'N:141 15'W, Pacific Gyre
25 April 2011 | 30 52'N:143 33'W, Pacific Gyre
24 April 2011 | 30 28'N:144 50'W, waterworld
23 April 2011 | 29 53'N:146 28'W, waterworld
22 April 2011 | 29 16'N:148 16'W, waterworld

The Trash Dump

25 April 2011 | 30 52'N:143 33'W, Pacific Gyre
We have been cruising thru the Pacific High for 2 days now, and what you have read or heard, is true. This section of water is full of plastic trash! Sections of net, plastic bottles,plastic crates, nylon rope, floats from nets and longliners even a black plastic 5 gallon pot, like you get from the nursery. Then below the water, small clumps of plastic everywhere. I ceased fishing in here as I feel the fish could be toxic if they ingess this crap. Luck out yesterday when a 10 section of old plastic rope got caught on the rudder. We took her out of gear and was able to grap it with the boat hook, close one! A sad indicator of how wasteful we are, and the out of sight out of mind attitude we have as far as dumping our waste.

Happier news......we have wind! around 6 am the wind came up and we have all sails afly'n! Speed kick up to 6 knots, wind is around 10 kts or so on a close reach. In otherwords, the wind is coming just off our bow, course steady at 56 degrees straight for Morro Bay. Not enough wind to shut down the motor but the increase in speed out weighs the noisey engine.

We had a nice Easter dinner, bbq chicken in a red wine vinegerett, rice and veggies. tasty and we actually a nice table in the cockpit, a glass of wine and a fantastic sunset. Thanks for all your well wishes!
Vessel Name: Delivery Captain
Vessel Make/Model: Any
Hailing Port: Avalon,Ca.
Crew: Lynn A. Stokes,Captain
Move to Avalon in 1968 and have been living and working on the ocean ever since. Commercial fisher, Private Yacht Captain,Deliveries to and from Mexico and Central America. Owner of a couple of boat yards, owned Avalon Harbor Delivery Service for awhile,( if anyone remembers that..... [...]
Extra: Willing to deliver just about anything that is seaworthy, anytime, anywhere. Also have worked as a consultant to help folks either to go cruising or to improve their experience on the ocean.
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Delivery Captain

Who: Lynn A. Stokes,Captain
Port: Avalon,Ca.

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