Delivery Captain

13 May 2011 | Morro Bay
12 May 2011
10 May 2011 | 35 15'N:122 45'W, California Waters
09 May 2011 | 34 38'N:123 52'W, Pacific High
07 May 2011 | 32 36'N:129 27'W, Pacific High
06 May 2011 | 32 36'N:129 27'W, Pacific High
05 May 2011 | 32 13'N:130 52'W, Pacific High
04 May 2011 | 32 58'N:132 31'W, Pacific High
03 May 2011 | 33 08'N:133 56'W, Pacific High
02 May 2011 | 33 05'N:134 46'W, Pacific High
01 May 2011 | 32 35'N:136 26'W, Pacific High
01 May 2011 | 32 59'N:137 59'W, Pacific High
29 April 2011 | 32 59'N:137 59'W, Pacific High
28 April 2011 | 32 26'N:138 12'W, Pacific Gyre
27 April 2011 | 32 02'N:139 35'W, Pacific Gyre
26 April 2011 | 31 33'N:141 15'W, Pacific Gyre
25 April 2011 | 30 52'N:143 33'W, Pacific Gyre
24 April 2011 | 30 28'N:144 50'W, waterworld
23 April 2011 | 29 53'N:146 28'W, waterworld
22 April 2011 | 29 16'N:148 16'W, waterworld

Opps Missed a day

01 May 2011 | 32 59'N:137 59'W, Pacific High
Conditions were sloppy and we had a net tangled around the prop so we were just sailing slowly in east winds try to make some progress. Mostly made a little headway to the southeast, then yesterday morning, while Val was on the back deck, he saw a large piece and some rope float out from under the boat. I fired up the motor with Mike and Val in the aft cabin to listen for vibration, and dropped her into gear. Sucess! No vibration and off we went on course for Morro Bay again. That explains the lousy position report. This morning under cloudy skies,light wind and calm seas, we are barreling along at 4 kts. Forecast are winds around 15kts from the north later today so we should start to make up for lost time. Today we will finish off the rest of our eggs and potatoes with a monsterous scramble mess. Should make for a good plug for an early afternoon meal. Most of the time all 4 of us are awake in the late morning early afternoon, and we try to have our main meal then. Rest of t he time is just fix whatever you want for a snack. Jim's freezer/cooler has been a god send as in the freezer mode we still have a few pounds of burger and chicken breast, plus bacon and some sausage. We won't go hungry, that's for sure. All systems are still working just fine, just do routine checks, top off fluids in the motor and generator, check rigged daily, look for chafe points and generally sit in the cockpit reading while fighting off boredom. Mike and Jim made a chess board with painters tape and cardboard on the cockpit table and a few chess matches were held. Winner to be announced at a later date. Remember we cannot see the comments on the blog as there is no internet out here, and you are more than welcome to send e-mail to the boat's e-mail addres at This is via a sat phone so no attachments or phots please! After all of us being plugged into the net for so many years, we are all going thru cell phone/internet withdrawls! Probably worse than quitting smoking!
Vessel Name: Delivery Captain
Vessel Make/Model: Any
Hailing Port: Avalon,Ca.
Crew: Lynn A. Stokes,Captain
Move to Avalon in 1968 and have been living and working on the ocean ever since. Commercial fisher, Private Yacht Captain,Deliveries to and from Mexico and Central America. Owner of a couple of boat yards, owned Avalon Harbor Delivery Service for awhile,( if anyone remembers that..... [...]
Extra: Willing to deliver just about anything that is seaworthy, anytime, anywhere. Also have worked as a consultant to help folks either to go cruising or to improve their experience on the ocean.
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Oahu to Morro Bay
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Pics from the 2nd attempt to get this beauty home! This is what happens when you buy a Line Is. Surf Charter boat! Surfs Up Dude!
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16 days up and 7 back. Selected sailing photos
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Delivery Captain

Who: Lynn A. Stokes,Captain
Port: Avalon,Ca.

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