Delivery Captain

13 May 2011 | Morro Bay
12 May 2011
10 May 2011 | 35 15'N:122 45'W, California Waters
09 May 2011 | 34 38'N:123 52'W, Pacific High
07 May 2011 | 32 36'N:129 27'W, Pacific High
06 May 2011 | 32 36'N:129 27'W, Pacific High
05 May 2011 | 32 13'N:130 52'W, Pacific High
04 May 2011 | 32 58'N:132 31'W, Pacific High
03 May 2011 | 33 08'N:133 56'W, Pacific High
02 May 2011 | 33 05'N:134 46'W, Pacific High
01 May 2011 | 32 35'N:136 26'W, Pacific High
01 May 2011 | 32 59'N:137 59'W, Pacific High
29 April 2011 | 32 59'N:137 59'W, Pacific High
28 April 2011 | 32 26'N:138 12'W, Pacific Gyre
27 April 2011 | 32 02'N:139 35'W, Pacific Gyre
26 April 2011 | 31 33'N:141 15'W, Pacific Gyre
25 April 2011 | 30 52'N:143 33'W, Pacific Gyre
24 April 2011 | 30 28'N:144 50'W, waterworld
23 April 2011 | 29 53'N:146 28'W, waterworld
22 April 2011 | 29 16'N:148 16'W, waterworld

Washing Machine

03 May 2011 | 33 08'N:133 56'W, Pacific High
Uh? You say. Picture a front loading washing machine, you know the kind with the little round windo so you can see inside. Now start it and throw in a toy boat and watch it during the wash cycle. That's us right now! The high pressure system to our north couple with a small front are making some damn interesting seas. Every so often we hit a peak of 4 swells all at once....and slam! Then it's mellow for a while, then rinse and repeat. time out. I'm back. For comfort and to make the ride more forfortable, we are heading a little more to the east and, according the the current weather forecast I downloaded a few minutes ago, it looks like this is what we have for the next 24 hours. Rats! Good thing we have lots of leftovers as cooking is out of the question. Once this system passes us by and the high pressure bands widen, we will be back on course in(hopefully) smoother seas. And the wind? It goes from port to starb'd or it's on our nose, so we are motorsailing with 3 reefs in the main and just the staysail centered for stability. At least there have been a couple of small rain showers to wash the salt off the boat and fantasic rainbows. So here we are plowing along at a blazing 2.5 knots! Any faster and the boat pounds like hell which is why I slowed downed a little last night. Just taking it slow and easy even if we do feel like a horse that smells the barn. More tomorrow. Lynn
Vessel Name: Delivery Captain
Vessel Make/Model: Any
Hailing Port: Avalon,Ca.
Crew: Lynn A. Stokes,Captain
Move to Avalon in 1968 and have been living and working on the ocean ever since. Commercial fisher, Private Yacht Captain,Deliveries to and from Mexico and Central America. Owner of a couple of boat yards, owned Avalon Harbor Delivery Service for awhile,( if anyone remembers that..... [...]
Extra: Willing to deliver just about anything that is seaworthy, anytime, anywhere. Also have worked as a consultant to help folks either to go cruising or to improve their experience on the ocean.
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Oahu to Morro Bay
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Created 13 May 2011
Pics from the 2nd attempt to get this beauty home! This is what happens when you buy a Line Is. Surf Charter boat! Surfs Up Dude!
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Created 14 October 2010
16 days up and 7 back. Selected sailing photos
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Created 23 August 2010
Boat repairs and more
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Created 26 May 2010

Delivery Captain

Who: Lynn A. Stokes,Captain
Port: Avalon,Ca.

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