The Vision from Desert Vision

04 March 2013
05 December 2012 | La Paz
02 December 2012 | Isla Partida
28 November 2012 | Isla Espirtu Santo
25 November 2012 | Puerto Balandra
22 November 2012 | Los Muertos
21 November 2012 | Ensenada Los Muertos
20 November 2012 | Bahia Los Frailes
19 November 2012 | Cabo San Lucas
18 November 2012 | Bahia Santa Maria
17 November 2012 | Bahia de Tortugas
08 October 2012 | San Diego
03 October 2012 | Santa Catalina Island
01 October 2012 | Santa Catalina Island
25 September 2012 | Marina del Rey
22 September 2012 | Channel Islands Harbor
17 September 2012 | Santa Barbra
14 September 2012 | Point Conception


03 October 2012 | Santa Catalina Island
Michael / Sunny
We are leaving Catalina Island tomorrow after six days here on the hook. I think we are beginning to become a little bored with it because we now have developed some complaints about the island that was perfect and beautiful when we arrived. Even though as I sit in the cockpit watching the sun drop upon the jagged and treacherous hillsides; long dark shadows are beginning to stretch up through the canyons and ravines with thousands of cactus, sparkling in the steeply angled sunlight like pretty green, translucent sugar sprinkles attempting to bring some beauty to the perilous rock they have sprung from, I feel a little sadness to be moving on. Once again, I begin missing the ones I love at home and wish they we here to share the experience.
But I must console myself with what is yet to come! The beauty and experiences seem to get better and better the farther we go. So eventually loved ones, I am confident that you will be hooking up with us in some fabulous and irresistible places to share in Desert Vision’s vision.
Vessel Name: Desert Vision
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 44 DS
Hailing Port: Portland Oregon
Crew: Michael and Iris Boone
About: Retired and sailing the dream.
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Who: Michael and Iris Boone
Port: Portland Oregon