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"Just Love" for San Diego

08 October 2012 | San Diego
Michael / Sunny
We have left Santa Catalina and sailed to Oceanside for one night. The following day we went onto San Diego. The winds were unusable, too light and on our stern, so we motored for about eight hours. This created a lot of bobbing so, by the time we got tied up at our new moorage; the solid ground was pitching and rolling worse than I can recall experiencing after riding much worse seas for days without landfall.
We have seen lots of cool military vessels here including a couple of very large and fast ships throwing huge white waves and spray. Each appeared (from a distance through binoculars) to be powered by two very large fans. They quickly pulled up on us but before they got close enough for a good look, they turned and went to shore. As I watched through binoculars, they each appeared to create a storm of fog and water as they went through the surf, then a sand storm for a short distance up the beach and poof, gone, disappeared. Wow! The “Big Kids” sure have some cool toys in this nation.
We are docked at Cabrillo Isle Marina with Wi-Fi and cable TV at our boat, use of the Sheraton swimming pool and whirlpool, superb restrooms, showers and laundry facility, and surrounded by major restaurants. We are within boating and walking distance of anything a cruiser could possibly need or want. This is the perfect resting and provisioning place for us to begin the Baja Ha Ha October 29th. I have already, quickly and easily found replacement items that I had searched for all over Portland without success.
Vessel Name: Desert Vision
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 44 DS
Hailing Port: Portland Oregon
Crew: Michael and Iris Boone
About: Retired and sailing the dream.
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Who: Michael and Iris Boone
Port: Portland Oregon