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Finally A Wifi Signal To Catch You Up!

23 November 2012
Michael / Sunny and windy
Happy Thanksgiving Photo 0441
Desert Vision has spent the last three days and nights here in the Cabo Rivierera marina, just a 20 minute car ride from Sheila and Andrew’s in Buenavista. Iris spent a night off the boat at Sheila and Andrew’s beautiful beach front home while I made some changes to the dingy davits, relocated the barbeque and hastily posted the Mexico blogs that I had scribbled out on computer while under way. This is a pretty tough job for my concentration capabilities. We have had no phone or internet since leaving Cabo and posting from sideband radio seems too time consuming and labor some when we are always hoping that signal is always just around the corner or just a day away. I joined Iris at Sheila’s home the next day on Thanksgiving for her second night off the boat. A wonderful hotel just a few doors down the beach prepared an amazing soup, a juicy turkey and pie while Sheila and Andrew’s friends and neighbors all prepared and brought delightful appetizers and entree dishes. The hotel staff then set a first class dining room up with a fabulous buffet, wine, waiters and all. All this helped reduce a little of the sting of missing my loved ones at my first Thanksgiving apart from at least some of my children in nearly forty years.
But why yes I ate too much! Although Iris is a fabulous cook and I always eat well and very healthy meals on Desert Vision, I was very impressed with all the dishes and their presentations. It was a great evening and in spite of the turkey tryptophan, we managed to stay up for “Mexican Midnight” (9:00pm).
A too full tummy, groggy and laying in a motionless bed listening to the surf pound so close outside my bedroom window; I suddenly realized this was my first night off the boat since we flew home in August.
Today we left the marina and tacked into twenty-one knot winds, steep and quick three foot wind waves with heavy white caps. We grew a little weary of bashing up the sea after a few hours so we furled in the sails and fired up the iron spinnaker for the last couple of hours into the Los Muertos anchorage. We are making about thirty gallons of water, not because we need it but because it has been about five days since we last made water and we need to inhibit bacteria growth in the filter system. This ultimately made our “travel today” decision for us because we can’t make water in murky marina water.
Tomorrow the winds and seas are supposed to lay down so we will use the time to bash up through the Cerralvo Channel toward La Paz. There are several beautiful anchorages we want to scope out.
Looking forward to doing more snorkeling and relaxing and possibly connecting to the internet to post this.
Vessel Name: Desert Vision
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 44 DS
Hailing Port: Portland Oregon
Crew: Michael and Iris Boone
About: Retired and sailing the dream.
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Who: Michael and Iris Boone
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