26 September 2021 | Chesapeake City
24 September 2021 | Off New Jersey coast
21 September 2021 | West Harbor, Fishers Island
25 July 2020 | Cuttyhunk Island, Ma
30 May 2020 | Cobbs Marina, Little Creek, Va.
02 May 2020 | Deep Point (south of Alligator River) North Carolina
24 April 2020 | ICW to Edisto Island, SC
01 April 2020 | Spanish Wells, leaving the beach after cleaning the dinghy
05 March 2020 | Conception Island
02 March 2020 | Thompson Bay, Long Island, Bahamas
17 February 2020 | Hog Cay, Ragged Islands
15 February 2020 | Hog Cay, Ragged Islands
10 February 2020 | On to the Raggeds
07 February 2020 | Outside Hog Cay Cut, south of Little Exuma Island
28 December 2019 | Great Guana Cay, Exuma
25 December 2019 | Big Majors to Cambridge Cay to Black Point, Exumas
20 December 2019 | North of Big Majors Spot
14 December 2019 | Rock Sound
04 December 2019 | Approaching Eleuthera
03 December 2019 | Tom Curry PT, Great Abaco

Chesapeake City!

26 September 2021 | Chesapeake City
Jean Crossman | Sunny, 75 degrees, NW 10-15
Arrived yesterday afternoon after 31 hour trip from NYC, fighting the tide all the way up the vast Delaware Bay overnight. We were going to anchor to rest and wait for the current, but decided to push through and hit the C&D (Chesapeake & Delaware) canal in the morning, exhausted, but daylight revives you!
Chesapeake City is a picturesque little town with charming historic homes (although I had flashbacks of the great “Money-in-the-oven” fiasco of 2016!). We will meander down the Chesapeake as weather permits.
Happy Birthday STEVE!

NYC to Delaware

24 September 2021 | Off New Jersey coast
Jean Crossman | Clearing skies, NW 10k, 67 degrees
We opted to move through NYC yesterday with 25-30k winds, gusting to 35+ in order to ride the tide (4 knot current) and be positioned to leave to overnight around NJ to the C&D canal in Delaware. Traveling through NYC is always impressive, but we’ve had better trips! We anchored at Coney Island, convenient and well protected with squalls forecasted (up to 50k) but we we only had rain, thankfully.
The front passed, and today is beautiful. Motor sailing with NW < 10k along NJ coast.

Southbound again!

21 September 2021 | West Harbor, Fishers Island
Jean Crossman | EES, SE under 10knots, sunny
Every year is crazy getting ready for the trip south, but this one was extraordinarily hectic. We had an ambitious list of DIY projects this year.
Michael installed an arch with davits and a 3rd solar panel, adding a watermaker, rebuilding the DC distribution panel, painting the waterline, replacing the skylight, and dozens of other improvements and repairs. We made a new connector and full cockpit enclosure completed “enough” to make a more comfortable journey.
We left Quissett on a Monday, a perfect afternoon, for Cuttyhunk. We decided on Long Island Sound vs. overnight to New Jersey today as we are still organizing (also pooped!). We are spoiled in New England to have access to so many sheltered harbors, not so along most of the US coast.
The weather is still a bit “uncertain” after tomorrow, so it’s nice to have options. We will take the path of least resistance and travel by the weather alone.

No place like home

25 July 2020 | Cuttyhunk Island, Ma
Jean Crossman | Hazy sunshine, SW 15K, 85 degrees
It's been busy since we arrived home in June- a good busy. My mother is now settled in Falmouth, and catching up with family and old friends has been awesome, even with distancing. This is a beautiful area!
The last time we were in Cuttyhunk it was midnight, last Oct 4th. It was cold, blowing NNW 25-30K, on the first (and worst) short leg of a long journey south. The wind blew my ski glove overboard while trying to thread a line through the mooring in the dark, but I was so relieved to be in the pond for the night.
Yesterday, we took the traditional walk up the "mountain" for the view. Still beautiful, it brings back many memories of walks with kids, dogs, ice creams, and beach fires. The swing set has been replaced by bulldozers and a new building, businesses have always changed, but the island still has a timeless quality. The sweet smell of the warm, hazy, SW breeze is how I like to remember Cuttyhunk, although off season, it's been a very welcome refuge, too!

Just “hanging”

30 May 2020 | Cobbs Marina, Little Creek, Va.
Jean Crossman | Humid, 70-80 degrees
We were just "hanging" out for Memorial Day weekend, but getting lots of work done.
We arrived at Cobbs on May 5 to get hauled and do routine bottom work. We needed 3 days in the travel lift to work on the keel. We removed the rudder to replace the cutlass bearing. We launched on Tuesday, 5/26.
Initially, we had planned a scenic route home, stopping in NYC, but now are looking for the quickest way, straight across is 400 miles, about 65 hours with 2 (very chilly) overnights.
We may have the first weather window THIS YEAR to make that trip in one shot. We could have made short hops, but then your going out of your way, into strange inlets, to anchor without heat or getting off the boat. Here, at Cobbs Marina, we have everything we need within walking distance.
We are planning on a Monday departure, once the north wind shifts. We will travel closer to the coast so we could duck into Atlantic City, or elsewhere, if necessary.

ICW inside of Hatteras (belated post)

02 May 2020 | Deep Point (south of Alligator River) North Carolina
Jean Crossman | south wind 20-25 with Squalls to 45-50 knots
5/2 We had gusts to 50 knots last night, but our anchor held in the sticky muck of the ICW. We're making good headway toward Virginia. We've been able to do a couple of 10-12 hour offshore passages, which is refreshing. But weather is still unsettled, we took the inside route (ICW) around Hatteras.
We had flashbacks from 2 years ago when we were trapped behind the Alligator River Bridge, closed due to high winds. Waves were crashing over the bow at anchor. Once the bridge opened, well after dark, we were able to follow a tug across Albemarle Sound by 2am. Did NOT want to repeat. Still scary to think about.
Normally, there are many nice stops along the way in the ICW. Unfortunately, we have to bypass all. We do have "togetherness", and a little boredom, only getting off the boat for rare essentials, but I am grateful to be enjoying (most of) the weather, natural beauty, and very thankful I am not homeschooling.
Vessel Name: Desiderata II
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 423
Hailing Port: Quissett Harbor
Crew: Michael and Jean Crossman
About: Married over 30 years, Michael is now retired and I resigned my job last summer. Michael's lifelong dream will be finally realized. Mike (Jr) will be joining us for our off shore trip to the Bahamas. Our first time true off shore adventure . . . To be continued?
We are so appreciative of all the support and encouragement from family and friends. Thank you! December 2018, Our “New boat” Desiderata II, a 2005 Beneteau 423, is a project boat, to be more “senior friendly” (someday). After a long winter of fixing leaks, and just about everything else, [...]
Desiderata II's Photos - Main
Thompson Bay LI to Conception and back 3/2020
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Created 9 March 2020
Our preferred “home base” in the Bahamas. It’s a “Family Island”, 80 miles long, about 4 miles wide, in the south central Bahamas. There is not a lot of development so jobs are scarce - especially for young adults. Hurricaine Joaquin devastated this island 5 years ago. It’s a rugged place with warm, resilient people. We rented a car to explore a bit, again.
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Created 9 March 2020
Ragged Island has the only small settlement in this remote chain of tiny cays south of the Exumas - just a day sail from Cuba. The cays offer limited protection from weather and no services, so any visitors must be self sufficient and prepared to stay for weeks, if waiting on weather. It’s a beautiful, stark wilderness.
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Created 10 February 2020
Most of our time in the Exumas were spent between Staniel Cay and Georgetown. That is where Dan, Steve, and Usha joined us for a week. So much to explore.
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Created 10 February 2020
Beautiful area. Awaiting next BIG front, currently boat bound. Staying put until Christmas, for now
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Created 20 December 2019
Sailing along the west coast of Eleuthera
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Created 8 December 2019
There was so much destruction. The tiny streets lined with debris, no electricity, but people are working together, even decorating for Christmas.
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Created 1 December 2019
Work party hauling wood for benches to be made followed by beach party
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Created 13 February 2018
A perfect weather window to visit Conception Island for 36 hours. Absolutely beautiful!
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Created 26 January 2018
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Created 31 December 2017
Threading our way south along the Exumas (with our 6'8" draft).
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Created 6 December 2017
From the Glass Window and Queens Baths working our way south on the way to Exumas
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Created 4 December 2017
Beautiful city.
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Created 11 November 2017
We sailed from Cape Cod and joined the ARC Bahama rally in Virginia. With Mike Jr’s help, we sailed off shore to Marsh Harbor, Abaco in the Bahamas in 5 days. We ventured on to the Dominican Republic, the Virgin Islands, St Martins, & St Bart’s before we turned around for home. 223 days living on a 38 ‘ sailboat. We did pretty well, & met so many interesting people. Quite an adventure.
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Created 2 November 2017
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Created 2 November 2017
We spend 2 nights here on anchor just off the Museum and The Inn at Perry Cabin (quite nice, I'm sure!). It was worth the stop on our way to Norfork. The town has beautiful, old architecture, lots of shops and restaurants. It's pretty and quaint, but upscale. The local supermarket is now closed. Always sad to see amenities for the average visitor get squeezed out.
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Created 18 October 2017