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Short update

12 October 2012 | Singapore
These are the hot months here!
In spite of the fact that cruising is kind of in my past, I have decided to keep this blog. First of all I hate these kind of changes and my friends know where to find me. Secondly: I still live on the boat, alas in a marina instead of the high seas, but I love the water and gentle rocking and the fact that over the past 20 years this has really become my home.

So this time i cannot report on any cruising or even exotic trips but life here in Singapore continues to be pleasant and full of activities.

In May I did take a very short trip back to San Francisco to attend On Lok's 40th anniversary. If was great to see old friends again and also to know that something I helped start in 1972 is still alive and well.
I have included some pictures of the event and the official movie. This is mostly for my cruising friends who are not really familiar with the other part of my life.

In August I celebrated my 84th birthday… another event which makes me realize how fast time flits by. I remember reading George Orwell's "1984" when it was first published. 1 9 8 4 ….. I thought that was eons away and that I would probably not experience it!!!!!!

As I said, I keep myself quite busy here and one of my favorite activities is water color painting. I have a fantastic teacher and very nice class. So I included a short slideshow.

This is about it for today. However, I am planning a trip to LAOS in November and hope to give you an update on this adventure before Xmas. Laos is still quite isolated and apparently not yet overrun by tourists, so I hope this will be a nice experience to share.
Vessel Name: Dessert First
Vessel Make/Model: Corbin 39
Hailing Port: San Francisco, CA
Though I am no longer sailing regularly I continue using this blog since I continue to live on my boat at One15Marina, Sentosa Cove, Singapore. This allows me to keep in touch with my friends and sailing friends without too many disruptions. As for my background: I was born in Switzerland [...]
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New Year parade!
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Created 7 March 2010
A few pictures of Singapore and Hua Mei, the potential replication of PACE/On Lok
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Created 22 November 2009
These are some of the pictures of my trip to the USA and Hawaii, my potential new homes there: KoOlina Marina or Atkinson Plaza Condo.
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Created 1 August 2009
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Created 28 February 2009
Orchids in Singapore's Botanical Garden
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Created 25 December 2008
My temporary home, fall 2008
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Created 17 October 2008
A week in Bali!
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Created 13 October 2008
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Created 11 October 2008

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Port: San Francisco, CA

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Information about SV Dessert First: Type of boat: Corbin 39 Built by: Corbin Les Bateaux, Quebec, Canada Year launched: 1981 Designer: Dufour Construction: Fiberglass with Airex core Length: 39 ft. Width: 12 ft. Draft: 5.5 ft. Type of rig: Cutter Furling systems: Jib: Harkin Main: Reef Rite, New Zealand Auto Pilot: Alpha 3000 Watermaker: Spectra Solar panels and Wind Generator Auxiliar Engine: Yanmar 58 Life raft: Viking and dinghy