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Adventures with Janice and Andy

11 May 2019 | Sisimiut, West Greenland
10 May 2019 | Sisimiut, West Greenland
09 May 2019 | Sisimiut, West Greenland
08 May 2019 | Sisimiut, West Greenland
07 May 2019 | Sisimiut, West Greenland
07 May 2019 | Sisimiut, Fjord No 2
03 May 2019 | Sisimiut, West Greenland
02 May 2019 | Sisimiut, West Greenland
01 May 2019 | Sisimiut, West Greenland
27 April 2019 | Sisimiut, West Greenland
26 April 2019 | Sisimiut, West Greenland
25 April 2019 | Sisimiut, West Greenland
24 April 2019 | Sismiut, West Greenland
14 April 2019 | Fox's Marina Ipswich
08 November 2018 | Ipswich, UK
25 October 2018 | England
23 October 2018 | NE England
20 October 2018 | NE Scotland
18 October 2018 | NE Scotland

On Passage to Sisimiut

29 August 2018 | Davis Strait
The Crew are all OK, we are on passage from Ravenscraig Harbour (an old whalers bolt hole) Baffin to Sisimiut, Greenland. We had hoped to go ashore at Ravenscraig and explore but time was pressing, the wind forecast was good and it was raining - There seemed little enthusiasm. Before leaving Andy and I tightened up the bolts on the prop clamp where the shim material had eased a little, we had not experienced any loss of drive but the two marks I had painted on the coupling were out of alignment.

We departed after a nice sausage and egg fried lunch. Six miles out we started sailing and have made approximately 133.5nm in the first 24 hours. Main is prevented to starboard while either the jib or code zero are poled out to port, depending on the wind. We have passed numerous big icebergs at regular intervals. They loom up on the distant horizon and can take several hours to reach us. We have blue patches in the clouds but are getting wet, snowy squalls. Still in the Arctic you know!

Andy Wilson's back is slowly getting better but someone else does the hard line pulling.

We heard from Victor that one of the boats, Anahita, waiting near Bellot Strait has tragically sunk due to a hull breach. Fortunately the crew abandoned to an ice floe and two other yachts Sauvage and Atka went and picked them up, so all are believed safe. Thor, a 60' yacht which has been stuck in ice on the west side of Bellot Strait for several weeks is having an anxious time drifting in ice near the Tasmania Islands. Another three yachts have quit and are heading down the Labrador coast. A tough year to have attempted the North West Passage but also tough for the remote settlements such as Gjoa Haven and Cambridge Bay.

We have approximately two days to go until Sisimiut. David Williamson sorted the spare parts from the UK for the Python Drive which are on their way to our good friend Bo Lings at Sirius, who is also on standby with one of his boats, in case the transmission fails and we need a tow into Sisimiut harbour.

We plan to drop off Andy and Claire who wish to return to work (?!), repair the shaft and then make for the UK as fast as the weather will allow.

PICTURE: Destiny, sunrise, calm seas and ice bergs from Lancaster sound a week ago
Vessel Name: Yacht Destiny
Vessel Make/Model: Van de Stadt | Samoa 47
Hailing Port: Stornoway, UK
Crew: Andy and Janice Fennymore-White
About: We built Destiny from scratch in a barn over 8 years and have lived aboard her full time since 2013. We are on a journey to explore our limits without time constraints anywhere the wind may take us. We have spent the last 3 years in the Arctic enjoying endless summer days and long Northern lights.
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