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08 November 2018 | Ipswich, UK
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16 October 2018 | Scrabster, NE Scotland
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18 September 2018 | West Greenland
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13 September 2018 | South West Greenland

First Autumn Morning

07 September 2018 | West Greenland
We stopped last night in Agpamiut, having time to cook dinner, a batch of cookies and check the transmission. All is good. Another good night's sleep in a fabulous anchorage, very shallow with minimum 3.2m but excellent holding in mud and wiry weed. You need a long, sharp deck knife to cut the accumulated weed off the last meter of anchor chain and the anchor itself!!

Up at 5am to check the gearbox oil and top it up now that the engine has cooled overnight. All the storage compartments have extra straps on them (a lesson learned from our cruising friends The Freds on Freydoya). We have bottled meals plus plenty of char and cod in the freezer. The cookie tubs are full and we have plenty of delicious Hermann Friendship Cake to eat. The starboard anchor bung is in, we'll do the port one later as we may have one more stop at anchor. All we need now is a good weather window. For this passage we are using the professional weather forecasting services of Chris Parker. Bud used him in the Pacific and we were impressed. He will check the weather for us and suggest the best departure date for the crossing Greenland to Falmouth which will be around 12 days or so, and then keep us updated as to weather developments.

For those reading our posts on Sailblogs and linked Facebook, many thanks for your comments. I briefly saw a few in Sisimiut but didn't have time to reply. While on passage, as now, we are unable to see any comments. However it is great to catch up once we are back on proper internet. ;-)

PICTURE: Autumnal morning leaving Agpamiut anchorage at 6.15am 8 September
Vessel Name: Yacht Destiny
Vessel Make/Model: Van de Stadt | Samoa 47
Hailing Port: Stornoway, UK
Crew: Andy and Janice Fennymore-White
About: We built Destiny from scratch in a barn over 8 years and have lived aboard her full time since 2013. We are on a journey to explore our limits without time constraints anywhere the wind may take us. We have spent the last 3 years in the Arctic enjoying endless summer days and long Northern lights.
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