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11 May 2019 | Sisimiut, West Greenland
10 May 2019 | Sisimiut, West Greenland
09 May 2019 | Sisimiut, West Greenland
08 May 2019 | Sisimiut, West Greenland
07 May 2019 | Sisimiut, West Greenland
07 May 2019 | Sisimiut, Fjord No 2
03 May 2019 | Sisimiut, West Greenland
02 May 2019 | Sisimiut, West Greenland
01 May 2019 | Sisimiut, West Greenland
27 April 2019 | Sisimiut, West Greenland
26 April 2019 | Sisimiut, West Greenland
25 April 2019 | Sisimiut, West Greenland
24 April 2019 | Sismiut, West Greenland
14 April 2019 | Fox's Marina Ipswich
08 November 2018 | Ipswich, UK
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Yacht Destiny - Simon Christy Ski Tour 7-14 May 2019 - The Final Extraction

13 May 2019 | Sisimiut, West Greenland
Janice Fennymore-White | Glorious Arctic weather
The final day dawned with blue skies, clear, cool air and another crisp feeze of the couloirs and fjord for our extraction day. The team were up half an hour earlier for 5am breakfast then a short snow mobile trip up to the next hut to get a final couloir done. While the ski team made the most of the skiing, Andy and I packed up the hut and hauled the gear down the now heather (rather than snow) slope to the edge of the fjord and the sledges. The team returned to pack their gear, transport it to the sledges and food. Leaving the tourist hut clean and tidy, we packed the sledges and waited for the Sirius team. While we waited a lone Musk Ox came down the mountain behind the hut and crazed on the new green shoots 300m above us. Fantastic.

Eri and Bent arrived, a little wet, having found the best route along the fjord. Four snow mobiles with 3 sledges headed back down the slushy fjord to rendezvous with Pluto and Mira. While Eri and Bent returned to the hut to collect the last 2 sledges and guests, the rest of the team unloaded the sledges, distributing the gear to Mira and stacked the sledges, leaving room for the last 2 snow mobiles and sledges to drive straight onto Pluto, the landing craft. Job done, Amanda and Mark immediately started fishing. Very quickly they had 3 large cod which were for Max, the husky housed next to the Sirius workshop (see posts for last year's ski trip).

Another fabulous dinner (musk ox steak) in Hotel Sisimiut completed the trip.

Andy and I would like to thank Eri, Niels, Bent, Nupatak, Ole and Sisse for all their efforts to make the last 3 weeks trips such a wonderful experience not only for our guests but for ourselves. Superb organisation, execution and adaptation to Greenland's challenges.
Vessel Name: Yacht Destiny
Vessel Make/Model: Van de Stadt | Samoa 47
Hailing Port: Stornoway, UK
Crew: Andy and Janice Fennymore-White
About: We built Destiny from scratch in a barn over 8 years and have lived aboard her full time since 2013. We are on a journey to explore our limits without time constraints anywhere the wind may take us. We have spent the last 3 years in the Arctic enjoying endless summer days and long Northern lights.
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