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12 August 2011 | Sardinia - Sicilly
02 August 2011 | Mallorca and Menorca
23 July 2011 | Palma de Mallorca
15 July 2011 | Just off Gibraltar
09 July 2011 | Azores
07 July 2011 | Horta, Azores
07 July 2011 | Horta

On the move again

02 August 2011 | Mallorca and Menorca
Graeme Robertson
Hello again all!

As the title says, we are on the move again! After a 13 day stay in Palma having the boom fittings repaired, we left on Sunday and headed around the west coast of Mallorca to a bay that Graeme and Lynley know call Cala de Sala Calobra. This is a little north of Soller if you want to check it on the map.

We spent a pleasant night on anchor there and then motored most of the way to the north side of the island called Menorca. Near the middle on the top edge is a bay called Cala Mica which is where we sepnt another pleasant evening. The blow up kayak was deployed and a visit ashore was underway.

Today we are off again on a long leg to Sardinia - about 180 miles. All going well, we should be in there later tomorrow afternoon. From there, we have yet to make a plan...

So all is well here on Destiny!

Vessel Name: Destiny
Vessel Make/Model: Hylas 70
Hailing Port: Telluride, Colorado
Crew: Graeme Robertson and Lynley Wicks (crew)
About: Professional Crew aboard Destiny.
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Who: Graeme Robertson and Lynley Wicks (crew)
Port: Telluride, Colorado