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Traveling the South Seas

19 November 2013 | 20 41'N:105 17'W, Paridise Village
18 November 2013 | 20 41'N:105 17'W, Paridise Village
17 November 2013 | 20 41'N:105 17'W, Paridise Village
16 November 2013 | 20 41'N:105 17'W, Paridise Village
15 November 2013 | 20 44'N:105 22'W, San Carlos
14 November 2013 | 21 09'N:105 13'W, Chacala
13 November 2013 | 21 09'N:105 13'W, Chacala
13 November 2013 | 21 19'N:105 37'W, 24 long miles from Chacala
12 November 2013 | 22 16'N:107 53'W, Nelda and Al go batty 150 miles offshore
12 November 2013 | 22 23'N:108 14'W, Sea of Cortez
10 November 2013 | 22 52'N:109 54'W, Cabo San Lucas
10 November 2013 | 22 52'N:109 54'W, Cabo San Lucas
08 November 2013 | 22 52'N:109 54'W, Cabo San Lucas
08 November 2013 | 22 52'N:109 54'W, Cabo San Lucas
06 November 2013 | 23 43'N:111 06'W, 30 miles of the Baja Coast
05 November 2013 | 24 77'N:112 25'W, Bahia Santa Maria
04 November 2013 | 24 77'N:112 25'W, Half way to Cabo
03 November 2013 | 25 12'N:114 59'W, Sixty miles off the Mexican coast.
03 November 2013 | 26 37'N:114 09'W, Beach party at Turtle Bay
01 November 2013 | 27 40'N:114 52'W, Beach party at Turtle Bay

Kitchen Stadium, Diamond Girl Style

21 April 2012 | 7 49'N:122 41'W, 1,275 Miles Out
Greetings There is allot going on on Diamond Girl as this report comes to you; First we may or may not be being chased by the ITCZ. This is that nasty weather area that every sailor just wants behind him. Last night we had some big ugly red blobs show up on the radar. It turned out to be heavey rain. At first we thought it was just a big squal. As I carefully interpitited the weather maps I had carefully downloaded using a combination of our HF radio, my noise canceling headphones, Nelda's iPad with a $4 app and a piece of velcro to hold this whole thing together, I discovered the ITCZ was in fact lurking higher North than usual and we may just have been lucky enough to have passed through it. Since the winds are light we fired up the engine. Now there is this big grey clould chasing us. So what else is going on? I hooked the biggest fish of my life as we are fleeing the cloud. It was Timmy O'Tooles first time out of the tackle box and I had high hopes for the purple and silver squid looking lad. I told him not to come home without a fish and off he went. About 30 minutes later the reel on the rod went completely nuts. It was singing as some great creature from the deep had found Timmy. I ran for the pole and Nelda jumped into position from her previous position, napping. I had no control over how the line was being pulled off the reel as the breast had Timmy and didn't even look back. I skillfully appied more and more pressure to the drag to stop the line from going out as I was to the point of seeing the end of the line on the reel. Then it happend, as suddenly as it had begun it was over. The line hung limp in the water and Timmy was gone. The line had done all it could but it just couldn't hold. We said a few words for Timmy, of which I can't write here, and immediately put on his brother Tommy. So what can we say about the Culanary Arts and Prepareation Center, the CAPC as we call it on Diamond Girl. First no Iron Chief will ever cook in this facility. They are all afraid! Those pampered chiefs on TV have every cooking utensil known to man. In the CAPC there are very few utensiles they would even recognize. Then come the ingreadients; No blowfish brains or lizard bone marrow to whip up into dilectable dishes. The CAPC specializes in things you probably won't find in your kitchen like Spam, canned chicken, boxed milk, non refigerated eggs and dozens of other exotic ingreediants only cruisers know about. The trick to a cruising kitchen or a galley is to stock it with things that last forever because that's how long you may be gone if the navigator doesn't do a good job. Seriously, Nelda comes up with the best meals out of the CAPC. Two days ago it was teriki rice bowls with brochilli and canned chicken. You saw the pic of the egg benadict and there is the ever popula r, soup! I can personally say I have enjoyed every meal that Nelda has prepared in the CAPC and I can't even watch them eat that stuff on TV. I actually feel sorry for the panel that has to eat itand then make up some line on why its good. Complements are easy to come by hear as the meals are first class!
Vessel Name: Diamond Girl
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 393
Hailing Port: Bellingham WA
Crew: Larry, Nelda and Al
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Mexico here we come

Who: Larry, Nelda and Al
Port: Bellingham WA