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Traveling the South Seas

19 November 2013 | 20 41'N:105 17'W, Paridise Village
18 November 2013 | 20 41'N:105 17'W, Paridise Village
17 November 2013 | 20 41'N:105 17'W, Paridise Village
16 November 2013 | 20 41'N:105 17'W, Paridise Village
15 November 2013 | 20 44'N:105 22'W, San Carlos
14 November 2013 | 21 09'N:105 13'W, Chacala
13 November 2013 | 21 09'N:105 13'W, Chacala
13 November 2013 | 21 19'N:105 37'W, 24 long miles from Chacala
12 November 2013 | 22 16'N:107 53'W, Nelda and Al go batty 150 miles offshore
12 November 2013 | 22 23'N:108 14'W, Sea of Cortez
10 November 2013 | 22 52'N:109 54'W, Cabo San Lucas
10 November 2013 | 22 52'N:109 54'W, Cabo San Lucas
08 November 2013 | 22 52'N:109 54'W, Cabo San Lucas
08 November 2013 | 22 52'N:109 54'W, Cabo San Lucas
06 November 2013 | 23 43'N:111 06'W, 30 miles of the Baja Coast
05 November 2013 | 24 77'N:112 25'W, Bahia Santa Maria
04 November 2013 | 24 77'N:112 25'W, Half way to Cabo
03 November 2013 | 25 12'N:114 59'W, Sixty miles off the Mexican coast.
03 November 2013 | 26 37'N:114 09'W, Beach party at Turtle Bay
01 November 2013 | 27 40'N:114 52'W, Beach party at Turtle Bay

Special Night Watch Edition

22 April 2012 | 7 08'N:123 04'W, 1,318 Miles Out
This is a special night watch eddition of our adventures. There is sometimes more to see at night on the ocean than during the day. This is one of those nights. They is no picture on this post because there are only two ways to experience what I am seeing at 4am. You either have to be here or close your eyes and let your inagination run wild. So lets go with option #2. First you have to close your eyes. This will require someone read the rest of this post to you but just reading it to yourself you will never experience the beauty of what is really going on. So eyes closed and lets get started. Your are stairing ito a pitch black night. There is absolutly no moon. It is the kind of dark that almost makes your eyes hurt when you look into it. As your eyes ajust to the darkness you start to see stars. Bright ones that are actually planets show first and then you start to notice what looks like white fog in the sky. As you look closer you realize what you are seeing is clouds of stars where no individual star is visable yet you can see them as a group. Just like you can see a beach but not the individual grains of sand. Eyes still clossed. Suddenly a bright flash draws your attention to the North. That is the direction you have jsut come from. As you watch you see another flash and then another. Thunderstorms that form the ITCZ are building and filling the horizon with lightning. They are about 100 miles away so there is no thunder but the night is so black and the light so bright it etches the curve of the ocean with each flash. You say to yourself, 'I'm sure am glad that's behind me!". Remember eyes closed. To night there is another exceptionally active phinominon in play and its called posforecenc. Posforecenc is light given off by tiny animals when they are disturbed. The ocean is full of these tiny creatures. Normally you see then glow when you look at the water passing past the stern of the boat. It leaves a green trail like a sparkling glow stick. But tonight is different, suddenly you see tubes of green light streaking towards the boat. There are dozens of these strange tubes streaks wandering back and forth. Some are single while others are in pairs. Some times there is a group of three or four and they move very fast. They are darting through the water. This is the stuff you only see in movies only this is real. Suddenly you realize these tubes of green light are dolphins and they are playing with the boat! As they swim they disturbe the tiny creatures that give off this lgrean ight. You stare mezmerized into the water as these dolpins put on a show like you have never s een before. In day light you only see a dolphin when it is close to the surface, at night you see everywhere they go. You watch as they go under the boat and back out and under and back again. You see two or three playing together and you are facinated by how fast and agile there mamals are. So that is what is going on at 4am tonght near the equator of the Pacific Ocean.. As I say there is allot to see on or in the ocean at night. Oh yeh, open your eyes or just sit with them closed and keep imajining what you have just seen. It is increadable.
Vessel Name: Diamond Girl
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 393
Hailing Port: Bellingham WA
Crew: Larry, Nelda and Al
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Mexico here we come

Who: Larry, Nelda and Al
Port: Bellingham WA