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Traveling the South Seas

19 November 2013 | 20 41'N:105 17'W, Paridise Village
18 November 2013 | 20 41'N:105 17'W, Paridise Village
17 November 2013 | 20 41'N:105 17'W, Paridise Village
16 November 2013 | 20 41'N:105 17'W, Paridise Village
15 November 2013 | 20 44'N:105 22'W, San Carlos
14 November 2013 | 21 09'N:105 13'W, Chacala
13 November 2013 | 21 09'N:105 13'W, Chacala
13 November 2013 | 21 19'N:105 37'W, 24 long miles from Chacala
12 November 2013 | 22 16'N:107 53'W, Nelda and Al go batty 150 miles offshore
12 November 2013 | 22 23'N:108 14'W, Sea of Cortez
10 November 2013 | 22 52'N:109 54'W, Cabo San Lucas
10 November 2013 | 22 52'N:109 54'W, Cabo San Lucas
08 November 2013 | 22 52'N:109 54'W, Cabo San Lucas
08 November 2013 | 22 52'N:109 54'W, Cabo San Lucas
06 November 2013 | 23 43'N:111 06'W, 30 miles of the Baja Coast
05 November 2013 | 24 77'N:112 25'W, Bahia Santa Maria
04 November 2013 | 24 77'N:112 25'W, Half way to Cabo
03 November 2013 | 25 12'N:114 59'W, Sixty miles off the Mexican coast.
03 November 2013 | 26 37'N:114 09'W, Beach party at Turtle Bay
01 November 2013 | 27 40'N:114 52'W, Beach party at Turtle Bay

Day in Day out

25 April 2012 | 03 03'N:126 41'W, 1,615 Miles Out 1066 Miles to Go
So you may ask yourself, "What in the world can you do for three to four weeks on a sailboat?" The answer falls into two catigories, The same things over and over again and things you have never done and may/hope to never do again. Lets this last week as an example. The most basic fuction is someone is always awake and aware of what is going on in the sea/sky near Diapmnd Girl and physically on board. That means Nelda and I split our time on watch/awake and off watch/doing different things/asleep. During the day many of these things overlap. We are both awake some times and each of us will try and nap as much as possible to make up for the sleep we miss keeping watch at night. As evening comes there is more structure. Nelda typically makes diner about 7. About 8 we go up stairs and decide how we want the boat set up for the night. Now is the time to look at the weather, which sails we have up and deciede if we are happy gong into the dark this way. Sometimes we change sails s ome times we don't. The next formality is the nightly Pasific Puddle Jumpers radio net at 9. This is where about a dozen other boats that are doing the same thing we are call in to give their possitions and weather reports. By 10 the net is over and I take the first watch. Nelda sleeps until 1am and then she goes on watch. I sleep from 1 to 4 and take over the watch from 4 to 7. At 7;30 there is another informal net I check-in on and then it is maybe oat meal for breakfast and I sleep until about 11. The blog typically gets done around 4PM our time so people can see it the same day it is written. During the off times awake, Nelda spends time reading and working on other small projects. I usually do the blog but write most of my emails on my night watch as it makes the night go faster. Are you bored yet? So what goes into the something new everyday catigory; Three days ago we started using a new sail. We bought it used but really hadn't figured what conditions it works best in. This sail is todays pic. We nicknamed it "Growler" because of all the sails we have (6) it is the only one that makes a noise when it is up and happy. When you have it ajusted just right it growels. So we put up the sail and it doesn't work in any of a half doven different wind conditions. Then we find when we are sailing far off the wind and the wind is light to medium it works great. So we have used this sail three days in a row. Setting a brand new sail is not a daily item and neither is having that sail up when a really big squall trunes ito the ITCZ right on the radar. Yesterday morning the wind kicks up and we go to take Growler down and he won't budge. It seems that the device that is used to furl the sail is jammed. So the wind is high iand getting higher, the sail won't budge, the boat is goin g faster, Nelda is at the helam and I go to the bow to determin the problem. The furling line is off the spool and there is nothing we can do until the wind comes down. So we have this big light/meddium air sail up in heavey to intensly heavey air (we saw 38 kt gusts). Now the goal at this time is not to damage the sail and get through the heavey wind until it is light enough to fix the jam. Unfortunately the wind coming up at sun up was just the start of 10 hours an ever expanding ITCZ that brought with it new weather chalanges every hour. Heavey rain, then big waves, then bigger wind. All the time none of this would have been a propblem or a concern with our normal jib up but with Growler it a completely different situation. Nelda and I worked from sun-up to sun down on new problem after new problem dealing with situaltions we had never seen before. The good news none of them were dangerous, but riding a rollercoaster is not dangerous, but it still scares you. At the end o f the day we were like veggetables but the day to day items still have to get done. So we do the net and work our watches. Today the weather is calm and nice and we are sleeping allot. We discovered that Groweler is one tough sail as he came through just fine and we have him up again today. So I can speek for Nelda and say we have not been bored the last two weeks.
Vessel Name: Diamond Girl
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 393
Hailing Port: Bellingham WA
Crew: Larry, Nelda and Al
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Mexico here we come

Who: Larry, Nelda and Al
Port: Bellingham WA