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Traveling the South Seas

31 October 2013 | 27 40'N:114 52'W, Turtle Bay
31 October 2013 | 27 72'N:115 08'W, Just Outside Turtle Bay
30 October 2013 | 29 46'N:116 16'W, 200 miles down the baja coast
28 October 2013 | 31 57'N:117 05e'W, 12 hours into the Ha Ha
24 October 2013 | 32 34'N:117 11'W, Beautiful San Diego
30 August 2013 | 32 34'N:117 11'W, Beautiful San Diego
30 August 2013 | 32 34'N:117 11'W, Beautiful San Diego
28 August 2013 | 34 31'N:121 01'W, Off the coast, southern California
28 August 2013 | 35 22'N:121 38'W, Off the coast, south of Monterey
27 August 2013 | 36 36'N:121 53'W, Monterey Bay California
25 August 2013 | 36 36'N:121 53'W, Monterey Bay California
24 August 2013 | 37 31'N:123 24'W, Somewhere in the Pacific (we think)
23 August 2013 | 39 35'N:124 48'W, 46 miles off Fort Bragg, CA
22 August 2013 | 41 09'N:124 36'W, 60 nm off Eueka CA
21 August 2013 | 43 15'N:126 03'W, 80 miles of Coos Bay
20 August 2013 | 47 219'N:125 00'W, South West of the Columbia River
20 August 2013 | 47 219'N:125 00'W, Off the Washing State coast
18 August 2013 | 48 22'N:124 37'W, Neah Bay
18 August 2013 | 48 7'N:123 27'W, Port Angelese
17 August 2013 | 48 7'N:123 27'W, Port Angelese

The Three Amigos

19 November 2013 | 20 41'N:105 17'W, Paridise Village
Yes, this is our last night together. It has been three weeks and 13 hundred miles since we left San Diego. It has been quite a trip. There are numerous horror stories about owners and crew that couldn't get along. We were lucky, Nelda and I really enjoyed Al and he enjoyed us. Sharing a 40 foot boat is living pretty close and it has worked better than we could have hoped. Al is taking a bus tomorrow to San Carlos where he is crewing on a new boat that is headed for Panama. We are on a flight home about noon with a nights stay in Seattle, arriving in Boise on Thursday. It will be good to be home but we will miss the adventures we have shared. From bats in the cockpit, to almost biffing it in the dingy beach landing, to those wonderful night watches, it has been a lot of fun. We hope those of you that followed along got a flavor of what we were experienceng and we encourage you to take the leap and do the same someday. You will not regret it. As Captain Ron says, "If it's goin g to happen, its's going to happen out there."

Looking out my back door

18 November 2013 | 20 41'N:105 17'W, Paridise Village
Hello Today we spent most of the day getting Diamond Girl ready for her two month slumber in Paridise Village. We removed and washed all the lines, put leather chaff protection on the dock lines and took down and stowed the drifter. There are a few things left to do tomorrow before we head back to the States. oh yea. we did make it to the pool. Today was another of those magical days on the water. About 3pm we looked up to see these two fishermen casting their nets right in back of our boat. I was able to get this photo and printed it off and gave them a copy. You should have seen the smile on their faces. Just before diner a gentleman that has a boat at the end of our dock stopped by. We got to talking and soon he was eating diner with us. He brought a bottle of wine and Nelda made a tremendous meal and we had a great time. It is so easy to make friends on a boat. Tomorrow we have a few last minute things to do and then we fly home day after tomorrow.

I'm never dirinking Tequila again

17 November 2013 | 20 41'N:105 17'W, Paridise Village
Greetings Today was a day to relax. Al got some serious pool time, I took a nap and Nelda spent some time on the internet. All in all a good day. Tonight we went to a potluck that is held on every full moon. After the eats each person got up and told one of there most interesting sailing stories. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Our last night in Chacala was very interesting. Nelda over indulged in the tecquila. When we made it back to the boat she made us Jiffy Pop, we told her Al had broken the new toilet seat to which she started an hour long rant about how she had just paid to by a new one. The next morning she came down from the cockpit and said, who made the Jiffy Pop? I immediatly sensed an opportunity and said, "wow, you were really upset about that toilet seat" what toilet seat? she said. It was clear Nelda didn't remember any thing that happened after we left the bar. Opportunities like this don't come along very often and Al and I made the most of it talking about the skinny dipping and the like. Nelda didn't have a clue as to what actually happened. That was three days ago and she has sworn of tequila forever, well until tonight when she won the bottle in the pic for her story about crossing to the South Pacific. Isn't life strange?

Why is this woman smiling

16 November 2013 | 20 41'N:105 17'W, Paridise Village
Hello all Well the good ship Diamond Girl arrived at her finail destination of this trip. Paradise Vilalage is just that if you like 5 star resorts. Lots of great places to eat, a real American grocery store, internet, pools and hot tubs and all the usual resort amenities. It is real culture shock for the crew. After experiencing the real Mexico the resort seams very superficial. It is sad to think that this is the only part of Mexico most people ever experience. On the other hand, there are no dead smelly fish here and we had a great meal at the resort. Tomorrow we start the clean-up of Diamond Girl. We did get some help from mother nature as we had almost 2 inches of rain last night. That washed away a lot of the salt from a couple of days ago. Tonight is the first night in two weeks we don't have to sail or keep watch of party. The saing life is really hard:-) larry
Vessel Name: Diamond Girl
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 393
Hailing Port: Bellingham WA
Crew: Larry, Nelda and Al
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Mexico here we come

Who: Larry, Nelda and Al
Port: Bellingham WA