S/V Blue Bay

12 March 2016 | Stuart, FL
18 November 2015 | Stuart, FL
03 April 2015 | Fort Pierce
27 March 2015 | 25 36.727'n:77 44.374'w
16 March 2015 | Governors Harbor
10 March 2015
10 March 2015
31 January 2015 | Long Island
30 December 2014 | Raccoon Cay, House Bay
19 December 2014 | George Town
19 December 2014 | south of New Providence
30 November 2014 | Lucaya
04 November 2014 | Riverside Marina, Fort Pierce, FL
03 April 2014 | Stuart
13 March 2014 | Red Shank
26 February 2014 | Hog Cay
25 January 2014 | Thompson Bay, Long Island, Bahamas
06 January 2014 | Red Shank George Town, Bahamas
19 December 2013 | Big Majors spot
13 December 2013 | 25 44.852'N:77 51.582'W

12 March 2016 | Stuart, FL

Our winter of 2015-2016 has been unlike other years for cruising! First of all, upon returning from Minnesota, Nancy's tooth became inflamed and it was determined a root canal was in order. Four weeks later all was well, but it put things in a different perspective for us. Dick was having a similar problem with a tooth and turns out he plans to wait and deal with his issue when he returns home. The weather continued to be an issue for us most of the winter. We were able to use our time to repair the butterfly hatch by taking it off the boat and redoing all the varnish and seals, and repairing other leaks, and some things we could never get to. On January 6 when we returned from Minnesota there was a major weather event in the Exumas, with 106 knot winds, which was a problem for several boats, including cruising friends. After that the fronts continued until only a few weeks ago. It has proven to be a good decision to stay here in Florida where the weather has not been perfect by any means, but it has proven to be safer. Needless to say, we are disappointed that we missed the Bahamas and friends we would have liked to spend time with there, but on the up-side we have been able to work on several projects with the hope we can make a quick escape at the start of next season!

Back in the Water

18 November 2015 | Stuart, FL
Arriving on Halloween to the Ft. Pierce, Riverside Marina, we started our long list of projects right away. Work went well, but the warm temperatures (upper 80's) and humidity made working conditions quite uncomfortable. After two weeks we were ready to be launched. Monday, November 16 winds were down a bit and we headed to Stuart, FL for the Sunset Bay Marina where we will pick up a mooring, as we plan to go home for Christmas this year, something new for us!
It has been nice to see our cruising friends on Chris-Pam-Mel, Lois and Howard. It is good to catch up on summer activities and makes work go easier having friends nearby. Sadly, some friends who we began cruising with many years ago are selling their boat. We will surely miss them! Other cruising friends won't be coming down this year. So many changes, and not all good ones.
No surprises with the boat this year. We replaced our stay sail, the final sail to need replacing.
We will be hanging out in Stuart where we enjoy activities here and in town.
It will be grand to see our family and friends for the Holidays!

Back in Florida

03 April 2015 | Fort Pierce
Miles offshore a little Bananaquit hitched a ride. From Bullocks Harbor we went straight to Fort Pierce, a 164nm trip. All went well except we did not catch any fish. We will spend the next few weeks putting the boat away for the summer and then head back to Minnesota.
Vessel Name: Blue Bay
Vessel Make/Model: Bayfield 36
Hailing Port: Lakeland, MN, USA
Crew: Dick and Nancy
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