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Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

30 October 2012 | Half Moon Bay Marina
Diesel Duck weathered the storm fine. This morning we are waiting for the internet to come back on, but there is no power on shore so this might take some time. Anyone that had been monitoring this storm will know that there was much destruction in New York and area. Search and rescue is still ongoing. From my viewpoint I can see over to the small boat club on the north side of the bay where the hauled out boats are lying on their sides on the ground, one 44 foot power boat is sitting on the railway tracks, blocking train traffic, and many boats had washed off their cradles and disappeared on the Hudson River during the hours of darkness.
Our only worry during the night while the storm raged was the rising water. We may have had a few wind gusts over 50 - 70 knots but mostly we saw the wind clocking at 34 knots. Around 11 p.m. a firefighter came knocking on the boat wanting to take us off the boat. We had more worries for him being blown off the exposed long dock and Benno fitted him with a life vest before sending him back to rescue people who were in danger. We discussed a plan of action in case the water would rise so high that the docks would come off the risers. It would have required us to warp the boat out of the dock in total darkness during high gusts and dropping or cutting 16 lines. Not something we really wanted to do.
Just before midnight we noticed the water level to be at a standstill and New York City had already reported dropping water levels. That was a huge relief and half an hour later we noticed too that the water seemed to go back down.

The picture shows the riser before the storm started and during the night.

Three floating docks from the marina got hung up on the risers, one of them lost a float but thankfully not the one we were on. It looks like we picked the right marina at the best location!

Vessel Name: Diesel Duck
Vessel Make/Model: Diesel Duck 41' - Aluminum
Hailing Port: Toronto, Canada
Crew: Marlene and Benno Klopfer (Photo by Marcie Lynn, Puerto Montt, Chile)
The kid, Dominik, is grown, married to Maryann and they have three kids Heidi + Annaliese + Hans, on their own. We are on the loose. Sold the condo and retired. Benno from an engineering profession and Marlene from a business administrator job. [...]
SSCA Members Diesel Duck is designed by George Buehler and is a long range, sail assisted Troller Yacht. Main engine: Perkins M80T, 4 cyl. 78 hp Generator: 5 KW - 115/230Volt - 3 cyl. - Northern Lights diesel Fuel: 3000 liter diesel Water: 800 liter Additional equipments: 3 burner gas [...]
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Cruising on a Troller Yacht

Who: Marlene and Benno Klopfer (Photo by Marcie Lynn, Puerto Montt, Chile)
Port: Toronto, Canada