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Windy - Wind Vane Steering (part 2)

In my previous blog "Windy - Wind Vane Steering" I was about to contact Imre Aljas for more information about his Wind Vane Steering solution.

Specifically I was looking for him to tell us more about the mounting options for our particular yacht/transom style and I was keen to see further pictures focusing on the quality of his engineering.

Whilst Imre provides a standard mounting bracket that would work with many yachts

standard transom mount our case he recommended a customised bracket that could be attached to our bathing platform.

On the Windy website, Imre details various transom styles (Type 1, 2 and 3) and the measurements that he requires but in our case he needed additional measurements which he clearly communicated with the aid of drawings. It was all very clear and simple to follow. This was the outcome once all the dimensions were provided:

customised mount

As for the quality of the engineering, I think you'll agree it looks "Pretty Dang Spiffy" - Mads Dahlke Sail Life's youtube channel... thanks Mads for the catch phrase ;-)

detail of bronze drum and control wires

vane attachment and counterweights

steering oar and mounting

standard mount on a vertical transom

without remote control

with remote control

a unit ready for shipping

To be continued.