The adventures of Yacht Flirtie

"Hi, we are sailing yacht Flirtie's crew, Bruce and Caroline. Welcome to our blog.

Plans change!

It's over 10 years since we became liveaboards so we are now well versed in not having set plans. In fact we've become very flexible with rough plans and ideas and mindful that they are subject to change at a moment's notice. Unfortunately we received notice from our letting agency that our tenant would be vacating our property and that it would now need remodernising and redecoration before reletting it. A couple of quotations soon proved to us that we had no choice but to return to do the work ourselves. With the decision made there seemed little point in sailing to Greece for only a couple of weeks so instead we retraced our steps back to Marina di Ragusa via Rocella Ionica, Naxos, Siracusa and Portopalo. We did however fit in an inproptu and glorious sail over to Malta and back due to the arrival of unexpected wind. Fabulous.

At Naxos, a stunning view over to Taoramina. At Portopalo, an emotional and thought prevoking moment watching the arrival of hundreds of migrants been rescued. At Malta, exploring caves.

Naturally we're disappointed to have not sailed further east but unexpected events out of our control happen, even for liveaboards living the dream!

Total distance this season: 528.39 miles