The adventures of Yacht Flirtie

"Hi, we are sailing yacht Flirtie's crew, Bruce and Caroline. Welcome to our blog.

We've escaped and we're out sailing!

Finally, we've left the marina! Our current destination is Malta where a new dinghy awaits collection. The dinghy is the final critical job on the list after we replaced the steering cables and batteries.

The steering cable was straightforward to refit. Onesail, our local sail loft provided new cables in less than 24 hours as they were about to shutdown for the European holidays (typically the months of July and August, when locals take their beach breaks) so our timing was lucky. The reinstall involved coating two 6 plus meter long cables with teflon grease before feeding them through their respective whitlock rollers and conduits until they reached the steering quadrant hidden deep in the aft locker.

fitting the cables around the steering quadrant

As for the batteries, we started out with the intention of sourcing batteries with identical dimensions that would fit the existing battery box. Unfortunately this idea was not to be because we found that we couldn't achieve a "like for like" replacement locally (unless we ordered from the UK at a cost of €350 import fee) without accepting a loss of amperage which would have been a backward step for us. Apart from going lithium iron phosphate we had no choice but to modify the existing battery box. A larger box has allowed us to increase our domestic battery bank from 380amps to 420amps using European batteries so we are very pleased and when funds allow there is now ample room for lithium. Now, a dinghy awaits us - Malta here we come.