The adventures of Yacht Flirtie

"Hi, we are sailing yacht Flirtie's crew, Bruce and Caroline. Welcome to our blog.

Meet the newest family member

Our new dinghy sat on the back of a truck. Mecca Marine made everything so easy for us in every aspect. We can highly recommend them

Incredibly, it has been almost 12 months to this very day since we last sailed so for our first sail of the season we could not have asked for better conditions. The forecast predicted and actually delivered a consistent wind of 10-12 knots on the beam and minimal swell. We appreciated the conditions as it allowed us to find our sea legs again and sail Flirtie straight across the Maltese channel into St Paul's bay where we had arranged with Mecca Marine to pick up our new dinghy and dispose of the old one.

The next morning involved a short trip across the bay to the slipway at Il-Bahar. Despite it being a short trip we weren't confident that our existing dinghy would make it given that the seams were slowly parting. Visions of us having to bail out were a real possibility but fear not, we made it to the slipway.

Our new dinghy is a Highfield RIB (rigid inflatable boat). It has inflatable sides and a solid aluminium hull so it can no longer be rolled up and stowed below. Instead it will be stored on the deck or on the davit arms. The seams are welded instead of glued which the manufacturer guarantees for 5 years so only time will tell if we've chosen well.

With reliable transport sorted we painted some ID onto the bow. All that remained was the annual ritual - you guessed it... a spin around the bay.

ID being painted and the annual spin

We're in no rush to go anywhere in particular as we ideally want to get Flirtie re-rigged here in Malta. We've reached out to a few recommended companies with the hope of securing a date in the calendar sometime soon. Until then, we're going to see where the wind takes us and focus on sailing opportunities instead.

Total distance this season: 52.26 nautical miles