The adventures of Yacht Flirtie

"Hi, we are sailing yacht Flirtie's crew, Bruce and Caroline. Welcome to our blog.

Malta to Sicily, Marina di Ragusa

On the return trip back to Sicily, we were able to test our new featherstream propellers and can confirm that they are absolutely fantastic. What a difference. In fact the change was so significant that we became overwhelmed, something that neither of us expected. All the rotational noise that occurred when Flirtie exceeded 4 knots has been replaced by the natural rhythm of the sea lapping against the hull, wind blowing in the rigging and general creaks below decks. It's truly marvellous and our sailing experience has definitely been transformed.

Not only do we now sail peacefully but there will now be significantly less wear on the gearbox and volvo shaft seals when under sail. In theory, we should also gain a percentage of additional speed too however this has yet to be determined. It will certainly be interesting to find out in due course.

With our winter contract about to expire there was just enough time for us to return to the UK to see our family before we return to head off for the summer season ahead.

Total distance this season: 106.23 nautical miles