The adventures of Yacht Flirtie

"Hi, we are sailing yacht Flirtie's crew, Bruce and Caroline. Welcome to our blog.

Corfu, Petriti

Paperwork bureaucracy - our experience

Slowly making our way to Greece - we've arrived!

Slowly making our way to Greece - part 2

Slowly making our way to Greece - part 1

Malta to Sicily, Marina di Ragusa

Silence is golden - Darglow 'featherstreams'

Launch day & sea trials whilst under motor

Manoel Island Yacht Yard - Boatyard life

Why do we want feathering propellers?

Sicily, Marina di Ragusa to Malta, Manoel Island Yacht Yard

Flirtie has shiny new standing rigging!

our brief 2023 sailing season in summary

Meet the newest family member

We've returned... back aboard Flirtie

Merry Christmas

Plans change!

Italy, Rocella Ionica to (almost) Crotone

Sicily, Siracusa to mainland Italy, Rocella Ionica

Sicily, Portopalo to Siracusa

Sicily, Marina di Ragusa to Portopalo

An unexpected delay and start to our season

Volvo Penta 2003T, Reverse Gear MS2B - sticking gear shift mechanism

seacocks - access can be a right pain in the arse

holes in the poop tank!

We're back in Sicily!

Merry Christmas - Buon Natale!

Sicily, Boat Service Trapani to Marina di Ragusa

Sicily, Cornino to Trapani

Sicily, Terrasini Sud to Cornino

Sicily, Palermo to Terrasini Sud

Sicily, Termini Imerese to Palermo

Sicily, Cefalu to Termini Imerese

Sicily, Contrada Rais-Gerbi to Cefalu

Sicily, Capo d'Orlando to Contrada Rais-Gerbi

Sicily, Milazzo to Capo d'Orlando

Vulcano to Sicily, Milazzo

Lipari, Porticello to Vulcano, Spaggia di Cannitello

Lipari, Porticello to Praia di Vinci beach

Lipari to Salina, Aeolian Islands

Lipari - a visit to the citadel

Panarea to Lipari via an island tour of Stromboli

Lipari to Panarea, Aeolian Islands

Vulcano to Lipari, Aeolian Islands

Milazzo, Sicily to Vulcano, Aeolian Islands

Taormina to Milazzo

Monte Pergola, Augusta to Taormina

Siracusa to Monte Pergola, Augusta

Portopalo to Siracusa

Our season has started... Hurray!

Keeping busy during lockdown - part 2

We've been vaccinated!

Meet our new crew member - "Stick"

Keeping busy during lockdown - part 1

Buona Pasqua - Happy Easter

Vlog - Porto Turistico Marina di Ragusa

Windy - Wind Vane Steering (part 2)

Our first gelato of 2021

Forestay turnbuckle upgrade

Windy - Wind Vane Steering

Mount Etna has been busy!

Christmas and New Year afloat

Did you feel that? Strong' 4.4-magnitude earthquake strikes southern Sicily

Buon Natale!

We have Residency!

2020, a year to be remembered

Buon Natale...Merry Christmas

R&D flexible couplings for Flirtie

Sicily, Marina di Ragusa – summer is in full swing!!

Malta, St Paul’s Bay to Sicily, Marina di Ragusa (MdR)

Malta, Marsaxlokk to St Paul’s Bay

Gozo, Dwejra Bay to Malta, Marsaxlokk (again)

Malta, St Julian’s to Gozo, Dwejra Bay

Malta, Marsaxlokk to St Julian’s (again)

Malta, Rinella Creek to Marsaxlokk

Malta, St Julians to Rinella Creek

Comino, San Niklaw Bay to Malta, St Julian’s

Malta, Il-Hofra-z-Zghira to Comino, San Niklaw Bay and Blue Lagoon

Malta, Manoel Island to Il-Hofra-z-Zghira

Sicily, Marina di Ragusa to Malta, Manoel Island

Buon Natale...Merry Christmas

it's all in the planning

Buon Natale...Merry Christmas

international rescue: thunderbirds are go!

Marina di Ragusa (MdiR)

Siracusa to Ragusa (via Porto Palo) log

Siracusa and Ortigia

Catania to Siracusa (anchorage) log


Scilla to Sicily, Catania (via Messina Straits) log

Tropea to Scilla (mooring field) log


Vibo Valentia to Tropea log

Cetraro to Vibo Valentia log

Palinuro to Cetraro log

Salerno to Palinuro (anchorage) log

Amalfi to Salerno (anchorage) log

Positano to Amalfi (anchorage) log

Capri to Positano (mooring field) log

Stabia to Capri (anchorage) log

Porto Miseno to Stabia log

Italians on holiday

Ponza to Porto Miseno (anchorage) log


Civitavecchia to Ponza (anchorage) log

another 'Mistral'

too hot to handle!

in the shadow of Vesuvius - Pompeii

the roman city of Pompeii

the ancient roman town of Herculaneum

in the shadows of Mount Vesuvius

coffee culture

around Rome


Isola del Giglio to Italy, Civitavecchia log

Porto Azzurro to Isola del Giglio (anchorage), Tuscan Islands log

Porto Azzurro (anchorage), Isola d'Elba, Tuscan Islands log


Corsica, Port Toga to Portoferraio (anchorage), Isola d'Elba, Tuscan Islands log

“Cascades des Anglais” – “The Englishman’s Waterfall”

the old town, old harbour and citadel of Bastia

Corsica, Macinaggio to Port Toga (Bastia) log

Corsica, Calvi to Macinaggio log


navily app

Corsica, Girolata to Calvi (mooring field) Log


Corsica, Sagone to Girolata (mooring field) Log

Corsica, Porto Pollo to Sagone (anchorage) Log

Porto Pollo

Corsica, Bonifacio to Porto Pollo (mooring field) Log

for the men out there!


Corsica, IIes Levezzi to Bonifacio Log

crossing to Corsica, IIes Levezzi (anchorage) Log

the Maddalena Archipelago - Isola Razzoli, Cala Lunga (anchorage)

the Maddalena Archipelago - Isola Budelli, Cala Nord (anchorage)

the Maddalena Archipelago - Isola Spargi, Cala Corsara (anchorage)

the Maddalena Archipelago - Isola Caprera, Porto Palma (anchorage)

the Maddalena Archipelago

Sardinia, Cannigione to Isola Caprera, Porto Palma (anchorage) Log

Porto Cervo

sitting out the 'Mistral'

Sardinia, Golfo di Azachena, North Bay (anchorage) near Cala Bitta


Sardinia, Cala di Volpe to Golfo di Azachena, Cannigione (mooring field) Log

Cala di Volpe

Sardinia, Olbia to Cala di Volpe (anchorage) Log

reprovisioning in Olbia

Sardinia, Liscia delle Saline to Olbia town quay Log

Sardinia, Porto Brandinchi to Isola di Porri & Liscia delle Saline (anchorage) Log

Cala Brandinchi

Sardinia, Arbatax to Porto Brandinchi (anchorage) Log

the Gorropu gorge

in and around Arbatax

Sardinia, Villasimius to Arbatax Log

Villasimius & Capo Carbonara marine reserve

Sardinia, Cagliari to Villasimius Log

spending our winter in Cagliari, Sardinia’s capital

waiting for the weather

the Festival of Sant’Efisio

making a dinghy Chaps

helmsman's chair makeover

producing our own water

Flirtie’s gone ‘grey’ with new window covers!

an unexpected surprise...

fresh mussels anyone?

Spring is in the air!

new buttons....Selden Telescopic Whisker Pole 084-084-60

we're back!

2017 cruising plans

Buon Natale...Merry Christmas

are we mad?

the panettone legends

‘ricci di mare’

stinky holding tank

preparing our defences

2016 sailing season ends

fouled props, shafts and inquisitive fish!!

blog slackers!

i'll eat my hat!

lunchtime stop at Poetto

climbing mount Flirtie

water water everywhere and not a drop to drink

fair weather sailors!!


Sardinia, Pula to Cagliari Log

Sardinia, the ancient city of Nora (near Pula)

Sardinia, Malfatano to Pula (anchorage) via Chia beach Log

Sardinia, Malfatano cove

Sardinia, Teulada to Malfatano (anchorage) Log

Sardinia, Porto Pino to Teulada (anchorage) Log

Sardinia, Porto Pino and Spiaggia del dune

Sardinia, Carloforte to Porto Pino (anchorage) Log

Sardinia, Carloforte

Sardinia, Tharros to Carloforte Log

Sardinia, Tharros

Sardinia, Bosa to Tharros (buoy-anchorage) Log

Sardinia, Bosa

Sardinia, Porto Conte to Bosa (anchorage) Log

Sardinia, Grotta di Nettuno or Neptune's Grotto

Sardinia, Alghero to Porto Conte (anchorage) again Log

Sardinia, Alghero

our cruising life - celebrating our fifth year afloat!

Sardinia, Porto Conte to Alghero Log

Sardinia, Porto Conte

Menorca, Fornells to Sardinia, Porto Conte (anchorage) Log

Menorca, Fornells

Menorca, Fornells - Fiesta Sant Antoni (23-25 July 2016)

day trip to Ciutadella

day trip to Mao or Mahon

Menorca, Cala Santa Galdana to Puerto de Fornells (buoy-anchorage) Log

Menorca, Cala Degollador to Cala Santa Galdana (anchorage) Log

Mallorca, Porto Colom to Menorca, Cala Degollador (anchorage) Log

day trip to Cala d’Or

Mallorca, Porto Colom

Mallorca, Porto Petro to Porto Colom (buoy-anchorage) Log

Mallorca, Porto Petro

Mallorca, Isla Cabrera to Porto Petro (buoy-anchorage) Log

Mallorca, Isla Cabrera

Mallorca, Sant Jordi to Isla Cabrera (mooring buoys) Log

Mallorca, Sant Jordi

Mallorca, Santa Ponsa to Colonia de Sant Jordi (anchorage) Log

Mallorca, Santa Ponsa

Mallorca, Port Andraitx to Santa Ponsa (anchorage) Log

Mallorca, Sant Elm to Port Andraitx (again) Log

Mallorca, Sant Elm

Mallorca, Port Andraitx to Sant Elm (buoy-anchorage) Log

day trip to Palma

day trip to Soller

Mallorca, Port Andraitx

Ibiza, Santa Eulalia to Mallorca, Port Andraitx (buoy-anchorage) Log

Ibiza, Santa Eulalia

Ibiza, Cala Llonga to Santa Eulalia Log

Ibiza, Cala Llonga

Ibiza, Cala Yondal to Cala Llonga (anchorage) Log

Ibiza, Cala Yondal

Ibiza, Port Roig to Cala Yondal (anchorage) Log

Ibiza, Port Roig

Isla Espalmador to Ibiza, Cala de Port Roig (anchorage) Log

Isla Espalmador

Formentera, Ensenada del Cabrito to Isla Espalmador Log

Formentera, Ensenada del Cabrito (Calo de S'Oli)

our position

Moraira to Formentera, Ensenada del Cabrito (Calo de S'Oli) Log

Torrevieja to Moraira (anchorage) Log


Cartagena to Torrevieja Log

Cartagena - Puerto de Culturas

Almerimar to Cartagena Log

the Alcazaba fortress, Almeria

around Almerimar

La Linea to Almerimar Log

stuck in La Linea!

impressions of Gibraltar

A walk around Ronda

day trip to Ronda

inside the Rock!

up the Rock!

Barbate to La Linea Log


Rota to Barbate Log

man the diver he said!

what's the problem?

Culatra to Rota Log

Portimao to Culatra Log

is this the dreaded 'diesel bug'?

gone fishing...

We're back!

Pascoa Feliz...Happy Easter

bon voyage Fenicia

Feliz Natal...Merry Christmas

3 day mini break

a titanic moment - "I'm Flying"

swinging in the rigging

we thought of you....

Rota to Culatra Log? No... Portimao!

Rabita Rutta


feel the city...

the oldest city in Western Europe, Cadiz

die another day

Chipiona to Rota Log

out and about in Chipiona

refitting the Oil Cooler & Heat Exchanger on a Volvo Penta 2003T

can we fix it? yes we can ;-)

can we fix it? We can now!

the future's bright... but not Orange!

a day in Jerez...

celebrating a half century

it's raining!

absorbent pads, nappies & paper towels

Welcome to Chipiona...

Ayamonte to Chipiona Log

across the border...

Culatra to Ayamonte, Spain Log

Chillin’ in Culatra

Albufeira to Culatra Log

Portimao to Albufeira Log

lazy days socialising at anchor

there's wind!

our cruising life - celebrating our forth year aboard!

taking the plunge

Flirtie floats!

street food festival

holiday in the hills

a day in Faro

we've missed you...

when two become four!

boatyard antics...

that sinking feeling

a new neighbour

ready to launch...

health and safety......

cowboy builders

going green

proper seacocks!

past their use by...

one hell of a blister

them anode bolts are turning...

group selfie!

they don't make them like they used to

decisions, decisions

stern gland seals & more

socialising again...

a new crapper

Carnival time

boy's toys 9 - staying connected

catching up with Richard and Judy...

Algarve Freight

we're back...

bronze gypsy

draft cruising plans for 2015

Feliz Natal...Merry Christmas

winter lift-out

kids in a sweet shop...

doesn’t she look smart

Beaulieu Boat Jumble, it's not!

Algarve's western coastline

a dry bilge

books, glorious books!

a day chillin'

Alvor by sports boat

back in action

Go-Karting kids...

2014 sailing season ends

all tangled up!

Albufeira to Portimao Log

Ayamonte to Albufeira Log

Alcoutim to Ayamonte Log

Sanlucar, Spain

attractive Alcoutim

windlass woes

Farmhouse on the hill to Alcoutim, Portugal Log

Beauty, bamboo and branches!

Ayamonte to the Farmhouse on the hill Log

Fiesta time in Ayamonte, Spain

Culatra to Ayamonte, Spain Log

Albufeira to Culatra Log

drinks on 'Nativa'

Brits abroad...

colourful Albufeira

Portimao to Albufeira Log

excellent wifi at Portimao

loose ends

Portimao anchorage to Portimao Marina Log

a peaceful anchorage?

Lagos to Portimao Log

out and about in Lagos

Sines to Lagos Log

Oeiras to Sines Log

Lisbon to Oeiras (at the mouth of the River) Log

Fado evening

ice ice baby

thank you both...

winter choices

birthday celebrations

views to die for...

train ride to the Algarve

keeping up with the Joneses... well Festina Lente, Finicia, Njord & almost every other cruiser

our cruising life - celebrating our third year aboard!!

boy's toys 8 - drag alarm

illusive Light Dues (Taxa De Farolagam)

Lisbon - Museu de Marinha

Lisbon 'route 28'

Cascais to Lisbon Log


Peniche to Cascais Log

Figueira da Foz to Peniche Log

washing and provisioning in Figueira da Foz

Porto to Figueira da Foz Log

pickled in Porto!

Viana do Castelo to Porto Log

Viana do Castelo

Bayona to Viana do Castelo, Portugal Log


Vigo to 'Ria de Bayona' Log

Vigo - chandlery heaven... it's not

old town Vigo

Combarro to 'Ria de Vigo' Log

Combarro - a proper Galego town

Pobra do Caraminal to 'Ria de Pontevedra' Log

follow the scallop shell...

a job well done...

Muros to 'Ria de Arousa' Log

Muros town

Muxia to 'Ria de Muros' Log

Coruna to Muxia Log

La Coruna

Viveiro to Coruna Log

Ria de Viveiro

Ribadeo to Viveiro Log

Ria de Ribadeo

it’s not all sunshine & gin & tonic you know

Aviles to Ribadeo Log

Tapas-ed out in Aviles

Gijon to Aviles Log

Gijon - the city of sculptures

Santander to Gijon Log

the 'Green Coast'

boarded by Aduanas

cheap coffee at last! :-)

finding our feet

La Rochelle to Santander Log

update from SPAIN

our latest investment

Rochefort to La Rochelle Log

Goodbye Rochefort

summarising Rochefort-sur-Mer

caught on camera - Heavenly Twins 27 For Sale - "Distant Drummer"

force 11 imminent

our Christmas in pictures...

Ho, Ho, Ho... Merry Christmas

home for Christmas

tis Christmas!

ice, icy river!


we can see clearly now...

today’s budget blown!

loose companionway steps

a sad day....

2013 sailing season ends

Ile d'Oleron to Rochefort Log

lazy days in Oleron

Bourgenay to Ile d'Oleron Log

a day of rest

Les Sables d'Olonne to Bourgenay Log

Ile d'Yeu to Bourgenay Log (Aborted!)

seashells on the seashore

mast vibrations

and on the south side of the island...

walk to a Fort

taking our time touring Ile d'Yeu

the smallest cookie ever :-(

Les Sables d'Olonne to Ile d'Yeu Log

mid-season quietness in Les Sables

Quartier de L'Ile Penotte

celebrating Bruce's birthday aboard

La Rochelle to Les Sables d'Olonne Log

VIP visit...

caught on camera!

around Ile d'Aix

our cruising life - celebrating our second year aboard!

out in the Bay again!

Rochefort in an out and out racing machine!

it's my birthday!

feeling hot, hot hot!

messing around in the Bay!

Fireworks galore!

slightly cooler in La Rochelle...

a hot one today...

a well earned cuppa!

we have lift-out!

Rambling around Rochefort

La Rochelle to Rochefort Log

Summer’s here!

Fire rips through city hall in La Rochelle


once a techie, always a techie!

so what have we been doing over the last six weeks...

by popular demand...

Heavenly Twins 27 Catamaran For Sale Distant Drummer

the price of a passerelle!

mini-break on ‘terra firma’

Easter Chocolates...

Oop's.... site down!

confined to the cabin

the fair's in town!

10, 20, 30....60 meters

Portuguese bureaucracy update

cabin door off its hinges

galley grub 1 - Tortilla

the antifoul saga...

pillar box red

Caroline hard at work

Portuguese bureaucracy

draft cruising plans for 2013

Parcels to go!

Amon-Re circumnavigation in the 1980's

an early start!

La Gioconda to head south

the Hiatt's, the Marriott’s and the Trott's AGM

my name is Bond...

Happy New Year

Kim's famous sherry trifle

Boxing day in Cleeve

Christmas day in Beckford

JoJo in town

out with the boys

flying home for Christmas

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

the weekly shop - chore or pleasure?

companionway security

me and my 'Mini Lave-Linge'

cool refreshing Guinness

preparing the engine for winter

boy's toys 7 - winter entertainment

boy's toys 6 - Another WIFI antenna!

2012 sailing season ends

Ile d'Oleron to La Rochelle Log

touring Ile d'Oleron with ...

self launching anchor

weekly shopping extravaganza with ...

non stop socialising!

a hike to Le Douet

spending a month on Ile d’Oleron

Drummer's sister in need of assistance

catch of the day!

its a dog's life!

Drummer could have sunk!

Exploring the northern tip of Ile d'Oleron

La Rochelle to Ile d'Oleron Log

Dartmouth Yachts - Patrella & Paradise in La Rochelle

new friends ...

Back in Blighty!

the 'Towers of La Rochelle'

too many 'Rhizostoma pulmo'

cooling off at Les Minimes Beach

maiden voyage of 'Rubber Duck'!

La Rochelle

comfort aboard

we're in Chandlery heaven!

our cruising life - celebrating our first year aboard!

La Rochelle (Charente Maritime)

Bourgenay to La Rochelle Log

circular walk around Bourgenay

Twins in Bourgenay


Les Sables d'Olonne to Bourgenay Log

Sandy, Les Sables d'Olonne

celebrating Caroline's birthday aboard

Ile d'Yeu to Les Sables d'Olonne Log

Ile d'Yeu (Vendee)

Pornichet to Ile d'Yeu Log

Pornichet (Loire-Atlantic)

On the road again ... Redon to Pornichet Log, part 2

On the road again ... Redon to Pornichet Log, part 1

Redon (Ille et Vilaine)

Foleux to Redon Log

Dinghy trip up ‘Riviere l’Estier’

confined to the cabin ... again!

La Roche Bernard to Foleux Log

La Roche Bernard

85 Litres of poop!

Auray to La Roche Bernard, Vilaine river Log


Ile aux Moines to Auray Log

Ile aux Moines, Golfe du Morbihan

Vannes to Ile aux Moines Log

Vannes, Golfe du Morbihan

HT's descend on Vannes!

Port Haliguen to Vannes, Golfe du Morbihan Log

Port Haliguen

captains confessions - trip abandoned before we even left the jetty

Belle Ile to Port Haliguen Log

On the putty at Sauzon, Belle Ile

times are hard

Lorient to Sauzon, Belle Ile Log

Ile de Groix to Lorient Log

saddle sore on Ile de Groix (Morbihan)

Concarneau to Ile de Groix Log

Concarneau old town

Benodet to Concarneau Log

Odet river


Loctudy to Benodet Log

sleepless in Loctudy


"Free Parking" in Loctudy

Camaret to Loctudy Log

especially for David


boarded by Customs!

L'Aber-Wrac'h to Camaret Log

L'Aber-Wrac'h (Finistere)

Trebeurden to L'Aber-Wrac'h Log

highlights of the Cote de Granit Rose

Déjà vu


Treguier to Trebeurden Log

???? me, its blowing a hooley

update from Trebeurden, France

amazing height of tides

Treguier to Perros-Guirec Log (Aborted!)


Treguier - Market day

the best laid plans ...

welcome to France - Treguier (Cotes d'Armor)

Channel Crossing Log

pause for thought ....

aboard with 'NetABord' WIFI

update from FRANCE

strong spring tide!

good to go!

high and dry

SOLD - VW T25 High Top Campervan (Autosleeper Trident)

shopping with flipper

clean bottom and shiny sides for another year

we must be one of the heaviest Heavenly Twins afloat!

boy’s toys 4 – get yourself a dehumidifier

For Sale - VW T25 High Top Campervan (Autosleeper Trident)

boy’s toys 3 – tapered wooden plugs

stormboard for hull portlights

a new liferaft for Drummer

facebook ...

fender board almost finished captain!

sailing season 2012

over indulged!

wishing you all a Happy New Year

boy's toys 2 –WIFI antenna

good vibrations

boy’s toys 1 – workbench and storage box

freedom to roam......or not??

learning experiences - finances

learning experiences - provisioning

learning experiences - 12v batteries

learning experiences - gas

learning experiences - water

learning experiences

my monkey up the mast

twins together

partially naked man!

one for the girls

the worklist ...

100 yards from our berth

run away boat hook!

a bright and cheerful day in Salcombe

very wet Salcombe

an exhilarating ride

smashing or surfing?

rockin n rollin in Fowey Harbour

a perfect sailing day

back to Cargreen ... again

strong coastal winds set to continue



now that's what you call a Superyacht!

out of fresh food!!

baking day!

gale shreads ensign

run away boat shoe!

slipway antics

Cargreen village

will we ever get to Fowey?

warships & submarines everywhere!

picture of Dandy Hole

one hull aground

picture at Weir Quay

muddy boots!

Bruce decided on Plymouth

relaxing in the small and beautiful River Yealm

sleepless in Salcombe

may be ... or may be not ... Salcombe

this years sailing plan

how much stuff? too much!

relocation accomplished!