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Day 23 - Still at Jekyll Island

23 April 2012 | Docked at Jekyll Harbor Marina, Jekyll Island, GA
Mon 23 Apr 2012
Docked at Jekyll Harbor Marina, Jekyll Island, GA

[photo: Clyde and Diane enjoying a garden that is not heaving, rolling, and pitching, while wind shrieks through the rigging.

[Mike, thanks for those excellent comments. You'll be proud to know that I had considered all those items, but as you will see reading below, we are getting a new camshaft tomorrow and that is our plan.]

Just days ago we had daytime temperatures that had you seeking shade as often as possible and now we have nights with wind chill temps in the low 40s. Even Duane had to reach for his jacket as soon as he got dressed, even inside the cabin with no wind blowing. Armed with a steaming mug of coffee, there was the rather cold trek to the marina bath house. It is customary to use the shoreside facilities as much as possible when you can, and with us not able to move the boat under power, we can't easily get to the pump-out station if we fill up our holding tank.

This morning was mostly about the preparation and then execution of the engine disassembly. We discussed where various parts would be placed, and how we would handle the disruption to our normal situation, which I have to believe saved much grief on both our parts. Next, I gathered the tools and started, with Diane standing by to take dictation as to what I was removing and in what order. I was sure to take a few photos along the way in case I had trouble remembering what went where.

Within about two hours, I had carefully cleaned and removed almost all the parts and sub-assemblies needed to get the camshaft out. What I couldn't do was remove the pulley off the crankshaft, and that is required to get the entire gear case off. I then drained the oil and cleaned out all the spilled engine coolant from the engine pan. Once I had cleaned up the mess and dismissed Diane to her endeavors, I cleaned up myself and went looking for Randy, the part-time dock hand who is also a cruiser.

Randy knows a good diesel mechanic who lives here on his boat and I will be happy to engage his services to get the pulley off and supervise the camshaft replacement (assuming it arrives tomorrow). With that in and the valve clearances set, I can handle putting everything else back together. I could probably handle the entire job with a few more specialty tools, but I am willing to get professional help when needed.

Diane came back from her exile to the pool area where she had found some solace from the relentless wind and could relax without all the fuss aboard the boat. She suggested that we take Clyde over to the beautiful fenced-in yard of our new friend, Edie, and also do laundry. We packed up and drove over in Edie's car and had a most enjoyable few hours.

Dinner back at Diva Di was left-over ham from Edie's house the other night and the scalloped potatoes I made a few nights ago. It was really good, especially after a long, tiring day.
Vessel Name: Diva Di
Vessel Make/Model: PDQ MV34 Power Cat
Hailing Port: Punta Gorda, FL
Crew: Duane and Diane
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