Diva Di's Cruising Adventures

Day 49 - Last Day at Alligator River

20 May 2012 | Docked at Alligator River Marina, NC
Sat 19 May 2012
Docked at Alligator River Marina, NC

The day dawned in muted light as there is still a thin overcast cloud layer. The refrigerator did not keep me awake with its "short cycling" and I can only hope that problem is behind us. Despite very little direct sun, our solar panels have been almost keeping up with the demand, so our deficit after almost 48 hours with no engine-alternator charging is just 50 Amp-hours. The weather looks like it is moderating enough that we will leave tomorrow morning to cross the sound, so sun or not, we will have the engine-alternator to charge us back up.

I started to take a bag of trash to the dumpster and then go to the office to pay for another night, when I saw Ed from Out of the Blue heading over to Manatee with the bosun's chair. I offered to assist, and with no self-tailing winches at the mast, it took us all to get Ken safely up the mast to put the new VHF antenna on. It is a long story with many twists, owing to the difficulties presented, but we were finally successful. The total elapsed time was 3 hours, since we had to wait for my battery-powered drill to charge in order to drill a new hole in the mast.

Diane had Clyde ashore again and he had his short romp. It is a lazy day, otherwise. I should be polishing some stainless steel (many friends tell me that it customarily the Admiral's duty, but I guess Diane never got that memo), but it is nice to just relax for a change. That reminds me an exchange between friends: "whatcha doin?" "nothin' " "I thought you did nothin' yesterday." "Yeah, but I didn't finish."

It was an exciting afternoon, but I missed the really exciting part. A number of boats came in very close together and there (apparently) were some close calls with near collisions. Towards the middle of the afternoon, I looked over at the fuel dock and saw a large hunter sailboat named Aurora and realized that had to be Dennis and Shirla from our home town of Punta Gorda; we have been following their blog since they started on their cruise N (with no particular destination). Mind you, we had never met them, but mutual friends, John and Marilyn, got us connected via email. Anyway, when I arrived there to say hi and see if they needed any help, there was quite a bit of splattered blood all over the cockpit and aft deck areas; Shirla had a hatch slam onto her head and head wound bleed profusely. It turned out she was fine after later examination by Dennis.

I offered to jump on board to help them get into the slip, but Dennis did a masterful job and there were no exciting moments, except for a small runabout that was having trouble staying out of the way of the large boats. With Shirla nursing her wound with a bag of frozen peas, we quickly made our "hellos" and agreed for them to join our ever-growing docktail group at 1700. When I mentioned that we would have to split into two boats, they generously offered their large cockpit. At the appointed hour, 11 people were in their cockpit (without crowding) and enjoyed very interesting and varied discussions. Dennis even made Dark n' Stormies for several of us!

Dinner aboard Diva Di was while clam sauce (canned clams, of course) over pasta with fresh steamed broccoli. Yum!

[Posting early Sun morning, Weather forecasts and current conditions seem to allow us to move today. The first 3 hours will likely be the hard part.]
Vessel Name: Diva Di
Vessel Make/Model: PDQ MV34 Power Cat
Hailing Port: Punta Gorda, FL
Crew: Duane and Diane

Diva Di Crew

Who: Duane and Diane
Port: Punta Gorda, FL