Diva Di's Cruising Adventures

Day 61 - Annapolis, MD

01 June 2012 | Mooring ball in Spa Creek, Annapolis, MD
Thu 31 May 2012
Mooring ball in Spa Creek, Annapolis, MD

[photo: view from our mooring - St. Mary's Church and School]

After a very peaceful night, where we both slept until 0700, we spent a leisurely early morning followed by a nice breakfast aboard using the last of the eggs. As we mentioned, we will be off the boat for 6-7 days and don’t want to leave any more perishables aboard than we have to.

Duane started to address the windlass issue one last time and tore apart the V-berth for access. Before removing the motor, Diane was pressed into service for an experiment. With the windlass power on, we verified the motor did not energize with the pressing of the switch. I rapped sharply on the motor casing and when she pressed the switch again, it worked. As my friend, Rob, had told me, this symptom indicated bad brushes in the motor. So, with that successful test, I was very confident the root problem was discovered and therefore, fixable.

We dinghied over to the dock and Bill picked us up, dropping Diane off downtown and driving me around to do boat errands. First, we stopped at an alternator/starter shop and were told that he could probably look at it later today (great news). Next, we went to West Marine. Item one was to see if their rigger could re-work the aft dinghy hoist rigging so that I could use just one hand to snap on each clip. Having to use both hands on each shackle was dangerous with the dinghy bouncing around in chop. Their rigging shop was pretty busy, but I can wait until we are back in a week, if needed.

Next, we picked up 100 feet of flag halyard, two more cruising guides covering the rest of our journey, and some miscellaneous items. A quick stop at the hardware store for a few faucet aerators (they get clogged with grit and you can’t clean them out), and we were done.

Back at the boat, I did what I could until Diane called for a pick-up at the dock. She had found a place to get a color and cut (cheaper than home by the way) and do a little shopping for gifts. Later, I hoisted her up in the bosun’s chair to reave the new halyard through the block under the port spreader and we were good to go. While I was attaching the snap hooks, we got a phone call that the motor was repaired (sticking brushes) and we could pick it up before 1700. So, Bill is coming by at 1615 in order for me to get it on our way to their house for cocktails and then dinner at Cantler’s Riverside Inn.

Not only did the windlass motor repair get done in the same day, but the dinghy hoist rig I left with the rigger at West Marine called as we were at the dinghy dock to say that piece would be done in 15 minutes. Two fairly quick stops and we were off to cocktails with Bill and Linda with some extra big smiles.

It was another wonderful series of conversations before dinner and then we headed out to Cantler’s. It sure is a down-to-earth establishment and we could not resist having a dozen extra-large steamed crabs dumped on our table. We had also ordered soup and a mussel appetizer, but they don’t get too worked up over the order in which they bring your food. At least we had the bucket of 6 cans of beer on the table first. Glass bottles or glassware are not used; you can’t crack someone’s skull open, or cut him, with a beer can and plastic cup.

We picked up a few good tips for cracking and removing the meat from Bill and Linda. Everything was very tasty and we all enjoyed it. It was Bill and Linda’s first crab feast of the season, so it was a nice treat for all.

Tomorrow, we need to re-install the windlass motor, clean the dinghy and get it up on the davits; lock up the boat; get the cat (in his soft carrier) along with a few miscellaneous bags of clothes, dirty laundry, computer stuff, and personal items aboard a water taxi; get picked up by the Enterprise rental car driver; rent the car; and then drive 3.5 hours to NJ by 1700 to start the visit with Duane’s small family.

With the smart phone Internet access, we should be able to post to the blog every day if there is something to say. If not, don’t worry. Sun morning we leave for PA to visit with Diane’s family and some local friends.
Vessel Name: Diva Di
Vessel Make/Model: PDQ MV34 Power Cat
Hailing Port: Punta Gorda, FL
Crew: Duane and Diane

Diva Di Crew

Who: Duane and Diane
Port: Punta Gorda, FL