Diva Di's Cruising Adventures

Day 181 - Newburyport, MA (end of the 2015 cruise)

25 September 2015
Day 181 - Thu 24 Sep 2015
Docked – Newburyport, MA

First off, yay, we made it!

We got up before 0500 because we were awake in anticipation of the early departure. Fortunately, there was enough light from all the waterfront facilities that we could see the navigational buoys and other obstructions. Arriving earlier was better than later, so by 0545 we cast off and fought the swift flooding tidal current down the river along with a lobster boat and a Coast Guard patrol boat.

The eastern sky was a beautiful shade of orange as we neared the mouth of the river and set a course toward Newburyport. As is typical for many early mornings, the wind was light and the seas were mild. We had a great run with the lobster buoys posing only a mild annoyance and we neared the potentially treacherous Merrimack inlet before 0800 with the tidal current still flooding in. The ocean swell was reacting with the shallow water at the bar, but conditions were pretty benign as expected and it was a smooth ride into the inlet.

We stopped for fuel (the yard wants our tanks at 7/8 full for storage) and then tied up at the yard. Jay Jr. (the father) met us and gave us an orientation. We spent a while getting organized and then I headed up to take care of the paperwork with the desk staff. I met Jay III (Jay Jr’s son) and we arranged to get together on the boat mid-afternoon. In the interim, Diane and I were both very busy doing cleaning chores, hers inside and mine outside.

At this time, we had no idea how long we could expect to be here, or what the likely sequence and timing of the events would be, so it was tough to plan. About 1500, Jay III came over and we had a long discussion about what needed to be done (him educating me) and how we should best handle the parts we intended to do, like cleaning and stowing the canvas, what items could stay onboard and what had to come off. This is all new to us and what makes it much harder for us than for all of their other customers is that we are not local. We live close to 1500 miles away. Most owners take almost everything off the boat and that is not feasible for us.

When he left, we finally had a clear idea of who was going to do what and we also knew that the boat would be hauled long after we were on our way south. The cleaning, polishing, and waxing of the hulls, which is best done with the boat on the hard (land), would wait until spring. That information directly affected our schedule, so I found a great deal on a full size rental car from Budget ($10 per day, unlimited miles) for a one-way trip from near here to the airport 12 minutes from our house. The only thing is I have to get 18 miles to pick up the car and they don’t come to get you like Enterprise.

So, I got adventurous and decided to sign up for Uber. It looks to be about $35 (plus tip), so that isn’t too bad, I guess. I will go on Sat morning. It appears that I can shorten or extend the rental car usage at the same $10 per day, but with visits to family and friends, we think we might be back home in Punta Gorda around 10 Oct.

With all that done, we felt good about our plan and started relaxing for the day. Our location is not really within walking distance to the town center and we didn’t feel like dragging out the bikes. We were both in the mood for something different, but the Indian restaurant did not deliver. The Chinese/Japanese/Thai place did, so we ordered and had a tasty, hot meal around 1700.

Having been up since before 0500, no naps, and a very busy day, we were both tired and fell asleep reading in bed by 1930.
Vessel Name: Diva Di
Vessel Make/Model: PDQ MV34 Power Cat
Hailing Port: Punta Gorda, FL
Crew: Duane and Diane

Diva Di Crew

Who: Duane and Diane
Port: Punta Gorda, FL