Diva Di's Cruising Adventures

Last day before departure - almost ready

28 May 2016
[photo: Both the Divas at rest the day prior to departure. We each have different jobs onboard and if you need someone lying around in the sun on the foredeck, Diane is your go-to person!]

We arrived at the Merri-Mar boat yard in Newburyport, MA on Thu about noon. Diva Di was in the water and had been looked over by the yard manager. The few things they found amiss were fixed, with the most expensive being replacement of a severely worn cutless bearing on the port propeller shaft. Everything bad has happened to the port side. It makes you wonder.

Thu afternoon was consumed with transferring the stuff we brought up in the rental van to the boat and carefully stowing it away. Since much of that fell to Diane, I struggled getting up the two canvas Bimini tops in a stiff breeze. By the way, the weather was delightfully warm and sunny.

I was also able to start cleaning the exterior, starting at the top on the flybridge. As forewarned, everything down to the toerails was filthy. Below the toerails the yard had washed, polished and waxed as requested, so she looked good.

Diane had a scare where she tried to take a heavy dock cart down the steep ramp at low tide. She was in front of the cart (not the best idea) and got jammed in the belly when gravity got the best of her. Fortunately, another man on the dock helped her out. I was still at the van filling another cart.

By 1730 (530pm), we were exhausted and sore. We mustered the energy to drive out and pick up a rather lousy pizza to eat on the boat. By 1900 we were sound asleep.

On Friday, we awoke early and refreshed, but still a bit sore. The sunrise this far N and this far E at this time of year is quite early. First light comes at 0435 right now. We puttered around inside while the 55F outside temperature rose a bit. I got back to work cleaning while Diane continued more organization.

Mid-morning, we drove 15 minutes N to New Hampshire to visit a Sam's Club and liquor store to stock up on provisions. There were a number of other items we realized we needed, so made stops for them as well. Finally, we stopped at the grocery store with a big list, and Diane had a 3 pound lobster steamed for our supper. It was almost 1300 (1pm) when we got back to the boat and then had to make several long trips with the dock cart. Most people don't give a lot of thought to how much packaging there is until you have to strip it all down and discard it. I would say we have stowed not quite as much as for our last departure, which is good to save a little weight.

We really were quite tired after all that, but there was still much to do. I was able to arrange for the yard to get the engine on the dinghy and put into the water. I went out with the van to fill its gas tank and the spare container, plus fill the van, and buy Diane yet another anniversary present - a replacement cordless vacuum. It is a standing joke with us that whenever we have to buy some mundane household item, I say "Happy Anniversary," and whenever possible in front of the sales clerk.

By the time I got back and moved the dinghy to the boat, it was time for a beverage and some relaxation. Diane had closed up the cabin so there was no cooling airflow to mitigate the bright sun streaming through the large windows. It was way too toasty in there for me, so I retreated to my 'man cave' on the flybridge.

It took a while to crack and prep the lobster for the saucepan, but we enjoyed the delicious lobster with a baked potato. We were too tired to get more creative than that. It was another very early night to bed with a not too tiring last day ahead of us on Sat. We see no reason not to depart on Sun morning with the ebbing tide out the Merrimack River.
Vessel Name: Diva Di
Vessel Make/Model: PDQ MV34 Power Cat
Hailing Port: Punta Gorda, FL
Crew: Duane and Diane

Diva Di Crew

Who: Duane and Diane
Port: Punta Gorda, FL