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Aruba 2017

05 December 2017 | Aruba
Captain Bill
As we continue our boat search, part of the process is to get familiar with places we may want to call 'home' in the Caribbean. The recent hurricanes that hit the Caribbean this year have proven that it's just not a good idea to summer the boat in the northern Caribbean. To that end, we took a much needed vacation to Aruba this last week. Having never been there, Candy and I were pleasantly surprised with this island! We stayed on Palm Beach and spent a wonderful week diving and relaxing as well as touring around to see what the island has to offer. The weather was fantastic and the diving rivaled the western Caribbean. Just loads of fish and things to see.

On a side note, if you go, contact Clive at Dive Aruba. He's a small, one man operation with excellent gear and a great energy. He only takes small groups out so no crowded dive boats and his prices are some of the best on island.

Now that we've visited, we can't wait to go back! We're also planning to visit Curacao and Bonaire as we look for a permanent home for the boat in the islands. As the ABCs don't get hit with big storms (or rarely do), we're looking at one of these charming islands as home base.

We've also created a YouTube channel to go with the blog. You can see it here: Sail Away YouTube Channel
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