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Buying our boat and setting off

11 April 2018 | Chicago
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It's not the cold that gets ya...

03 January 2018 | Chicago
Capt. Bill
It's that time of year again! Against all logic and forethought, Chicago has its boat show in the coldest month of the year. Of course, being boaters, our insanity is well documented and we will, of course, be attending.

Since we made the decision to buy a sailboat, we've spent countless hours researching what makes sense for us. As some of you have read, we will be somewhere between 36' and 42'. Our preferred boat is a Catalina. The classic lines, being American made and the interior layouts make them very attractive boats. Add to that the inboard stays, which make going forward a pleasure, and you have a great boat.

But back to the show. Yes, Catalina will be there and we're really looking forward to seeing the new innovations. Not to mention getting to tour a few other boats we haven't yet seen. Of course, for myself, being a gigantic geek, the whole show should be toyland. I'm really keen to see some of the newer technologies.
Vessel Name: Candy Dish
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