Don and Cindi Cruising

18 December 2011 | Wrightsville Beach, NC
17 December 2011 | Swansboro, NC
16 December 2011 | Adams Creek

Day 3

18 December 2011 | Wrightsville Beach, NC
clear, cold, and windy
No problem with Camp Lejune today. Bridges were the name of the game this day. Did a bunch of 60 D street trying to hit them as it was windy and sitting still wasn't an option. Missed Wrightsville Beach by 10 minutes so had to cruise up and down the ICW waiting. Impossible to make as we had over 5 miles to go between bridges and the current was against us. Figure 8 was on the half hour and Wrightsville on the hour only. Heavy traffic around Wrightsville, only traffic we had all day.
Cold on the hook tonight in the basin south of mm283.3.

Day two

17 December 2011 | Swansboro, NC
cold and windy
If you don't have Boat US gold towing, do not drop lines!!! Just this week I upgraded to gold and paid for it many times over today. But that comes later.
Gray skies, cool temps (50), and winds to 20 from the north. Narrow channels but not much traffic. Everything was going well and making good speed with tidal currents giving us another knot and a half. Decided to go on down to the bottom of Camp Lejune since we were doing so well. Then I looked away for a second and we srayed to the edge of the ditch. Seconds later it all stopped as 25000 pounds with 8.5 knots of force found a mud wall. The wing keel cut right into it. We were stuck. Even a big wake from a power boat couldn't loosen us. Towboat US was there in 10 minutes thank heavens as we were just passed high tide. He had us out of there in much less time then what it took to fill out the paperwork. Should have cost about 800 but with gold cost $0.00. While this was happening we were listening to the Navy shelling the Camp from offshore. Right about then they shut down the ICW until 5pm. So much for that plan so we decided to drop the hook in a ActiceCaptain approved anchorage. Immediately ran aground AGAIN. Luckier this time and got off, turned around and hit the marina in Swansboro. Another day.

The trip begins

16 December 2011 | Adams Creek
We had a great first day with 28 miles under the keel. Sailed for awhile and motored some. Saw a family of dolphin just downstream of the 17 bridge in New Bern. Fresh water, no less. Nothing too notable as everything worked as advertised.
Once settled on the hook the winds started. SE sometimes to 20 but we had plenty of chain out and held solidly in the stinky mud.
Had a ball exploring in the new dingy. Jumps on plane about 7k and handles fine. I know it is 7 because as we tow it that's when it happens. Very happy behind us on plane.
Vessel Name: Sun Storm
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 42 Passage
Hailing Port: Las Vegas, NV
Crew: Don and Cindi Petersen
About: Just retired (part time) and are cruising and relaxing.
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Don and Cindi

Who: Don and Cindi Petersen
Port: Las Vegas, NV