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23' Fractional Sloop, Aquarius pocket cruiser SAD of 21 Hull speed 6 kn, 20ft of waterline

09 October 2015 | Old Fort Port
07 October 2015 | Old Fort Port
06 October 2015 | Same Old Same Old.
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Of Pirates and Thieves (and a cocktail)

09 October 2015 | Old Fort Port
rainy and still blech.
So I am trying to sell my powerboat on boat trader in order to more fully concentrate on my sailboat. I am now on my 3rd scam attempt and no actual real nibbles. This is getting a little old. So if anyone out there is interested, please, no PayPal shenanigans, I will not be forwarding payment to your "shipping" agent, and you better believe I will be fighting back on attempts to scam me out of my cash on this one.

I am not all that worried about me. I am worried about the people that fall for this crap.

Oh I also made a new video on my YouTube channel describing how to make the aviation cocktail. one of my favorites.

Ships bell project

07 October 2015 | Old Fort Port
Captain without a boat. Calm and cool

I have finished my ships bell mount and posted that process on my youtube channel. Next video will be about the LED light for the mast project and I will continue to post things as I get them done.

I did go check on my boat yesterday at the fiberglass shop and they are bracing the interior and it looks like they will be starting work on the core any day now but they have yet to call me and so I still don't know when the hull will be returning. Hopefully soon and then I can start working on the interior project I'll have more videos and pictures to post then. I know these are relatively elementary for most readers of the sail blogs but hopefully for someone who's interested in getting started these are helpful and also and the comments from people that know better than me, I'm very excited to hear from them.

Syntax and punctuation little sketchy on this post because I'm using the dictation mode on my tablet. I apologize.

been awhile

06 October 2015 | Same Old Same Old.
Captain with out a boat.
So, I am in the process of rebuilding the boat and trying to log more water time. I am also going to document all of my boat projects on YouTube. link pending. I am trying to separate my water life from my land life in terms of social media. we will see how that goes.

So at the moment my hull is at the fiberglass doctor getting the 40 year old balsa core replaced with something fancy and polymer based. Its been there awhile. I am antsy for it to come home so I can do some projects and get it ready for some real water time.

I am on vacation this week so this is pretty much a total loss in terms of hull projects. I have the mast in the garage, so I have had the rigging redone, and I am rewiring the mast, and built a few brackets. You can see how that turned out on my
YouTube channel shortly.


current position

03 August 2012
current position. While not in the ocean, I am at an official port city with a navigable water way all the way to the ICW, or up to Chicago. Or west to Tulsa. Other than lots of wind, I have no reason to go west.

Upgrade to premium.

03 August 2012
Well, I did it. I was jealous of the the hit counters on other pages, and decided to upgrade to premium. Considering how much a sailboat costs over time, it seemed like a small purchase.

here is the link to the regatta in october if anyone else is interested...


and another

03 August 2012
nav stuff
Vessel Name: Dragonfly
Vessel Make/Model: Aquarius 23'
Hailing Port: Fort Smith AR
Crew: Katherine, Kenneth, Bryan, and Erin
About: All Family
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various and sundry pictures from the refit of the pocket cruiser. should be ready about when I am ready to buy a real boat.
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