Cruising with Kids: S/V Dream Catcher

We've sold the house, bought the boat and will homeschool our children for the next year or two aboard our 43' Sailing Catamaran. Follow the adventures of the Daniels' family as they cruise the caribbean.

10 July 2007 | Provincetown, MA
29 June 2007 | Cape May, NJ
18 June 2007 | Washington DC
04 June 2007 | Beaufort, NC
22 May 2007 | Green Turtle
20 May 2007 | Green Turtle
19 May 2007 | Guana Cay
12 May 2007 | Hope town Abacos
03 May 2007 | Eluthera Island
23 April 2007 | Fernandez Bay, Cat Island
14 April 2007 | Dover New Hampshire
02 April 2007 | Georgetown
21 March 2007 | Turks & Caicos
17 March 2007 | Mayaguana
10 March 2007 | Georgetown, Bahamas
01 March 2007 | Jamentos
27 February 2007 | Thompson Bay, LI
15 February 2007 | Georgetown
07 February 2007 | Georgetown
25 January 2007 | Conception, Exumas

Dolphin for Dinner

01 March 2007 | Jamentos
"Not that kind of Dolphin.. On the way to the Jamentos we caught our first Mahi Mahi, It was tasty"

While in Thompson Bay, we visited with Side by Side and celebrated their son Parker's 10th birthday. We really hit it off with SBS and decided to go to the Jamento and Ragged Islands with them. We had a long day's sail and went from Long Island to Jamaica Cay. These islands are completely isolated. No homes, people, stores, gas or water. Our water maker has really come in handy. In Jamaica Cay, there was an abandoned resort someone tried to get going. While exploring the island, the kids and I came upon a recent shipwreck. The ribs of the boat were made out of trees. The mast was completely wooden and the cabin was made out of plywood. There were clothes and things floating in the water. Most likely it was a Hatian boat full of refugees trying to flee their country. The helicopters patrol this area looking for Haitians and drug runners. After seeing the wreck, I hustled the children back to the anchorage in case there were Haitians on the island. Upon reaching our boat, we decided to go snorkeling to look for dinner. However, DJ spotted a eight-foot bull shark. Dave went in the water to take a closer look. He is very brave, I couldn't do that. Yes, it was a big old bull shark and snorkeling behind our boat was out of the question. Between the shark and the ship-wreck, the night was a sleepless one for me. I finally realized how isolated we really were out there. The next day we went to Johnson Cay. We had to visit this island since our friends on SBS share the last name of Johnson. It was by far the gem of the Bahamian Islands. The snorkeling was the best so far. Every fish in our Reed's guide could be spotted here. The reefs are healthy. The lobsters, conch and fish are abundant. No boats go here. It is a hidden paradise. As a project, Side by Side and Dream Catcher made a sign for the island. It was painted in lovely Bahamian colors. While everyone was away hunting, Nicole and I enjoyed a leisurely swim without our swimsuits! We spent a wonderful day there then moved on to Racoon Island. This was another beautiful location. Marc, Dave and DJ went hunting and brought home lobster, conch and fish. Just when I was starting to feel comfortable being out here in isloation, we spotted a man on the island with a shot gun over his shoulder. He may have been a Haitian or a squatter living here. But Dave slept in the cockpit keeping an eyeout for us. The next island was Flamingo Cay with its beautiful cave that you could drive a dinghy in to. The beaches were long and quiet. Angie on SBS and I have come up with a new activity. Finding beach couture. There is a lot of clothing that washes up on shore and we are trying to see who can were two under my dinghy as the kids were snorkeling. I had to pull everyone into the boat. Our last stop was Water Cay before our return to Georgetown. We are expecting to be in Georgetown for the Regatta. I am volunteering for kid's day. I have so enjoyed our time down here in the Jamentos. I am very pleased that we didn't bypass this lovely island chain.
Vessel Name: Dream Catcher
Vessel Make/Model: Voyage Norseman 430
Hailing Port: Dover Point, NH
Crew: The Daniels
About: Dave , Lisa, DJ (13). Nicole (11)
We've sold the house, bought the boat and will homeschool our children for the next year or two aboard our 43' Sailing Catamaran. Follow the adventures of the Daniels' family as they cruise the caribbean. "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than [...]
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