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Naples to Marco Island, FL

19 January 2011
Foggy 2.5 hour motor from Naples to Marco Island - thank you Lord for radar! Easy entry, thought we would try an anchorage we heard about at the SSCA meeting in Punta Gorda - Smokehouse Bay. As our sailor friends probably know, it is the site of the anchoring lawsuit where a Florida boater challenged the Florida courts on anchoring laws (certain local cities and counties in Florida have been restricting the length of time that boats are allowed to anchor). In 2009 these laws were appealed (The definition of "live-aboard vessel" has been changed, effective 7/1/09. Active cruisers who live on their boats with no permanent residence on land are no longer considered live-aboards and, therefore, their anchoring cannot be regulated by local governments. It is no longer relevant that the vessel is a boaters "legal residence"; that term has been removed from the statute). Smokehouse Bay is a small bay with a beautiful marina/condo/boardwalk/shopping complex as the focal point and homes lining the shores. The best part? Winn-Dixie is also located here with a DINGHY DOCK!!! Woohoo! (it's the small things in life!). We have been biking all over the island, eating, repairing the bikes (those spokes keep breaking) and renting movies.
Today's Proverb: 1:7 How does a man become wise? The first step is to trust and reverence the Lord!
Vessel Name: DreamCatcher
Vessel Make/Model: Island Packet 45
Hailing Port: Clearwater, FL
Crew: Bruce Senay & Gina Gibson
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