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San Felipe

21 July 2019
Bruce & Gina Senay & Gibson
Sooooo thankful for a/c!! We are settling into DreamCatcher’s home for the next two months – a/c is on, we’re logged into marina wifi, car rented (marina is 3.5 miles from the town center), coffee shop and ice cream located (SUPER important!), groceries bought and Church located – thank you Lord! We have land travel planned starting August 21 (month long trip) and upon our return hope to depart San Felipe October 1 to start heading back south.

Bahia Willard to San Felipe

19 July 2019
Bruce & Gina Senay & Gibson
July 18 – 19, 2019 We departed at 4:00 pm for an 80 mile overnight passage into San Felipe. Easy night with a full moon – the highlight of the trip was an early morning visit by a Sei whale – he spent a half hour with us diving under the boat from side to side – blessed! Twice we were sprayed by his blow hole – thank you Lord for this wonderful experience!
James 1:22 Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.

Puerto Refugio to Bahia Willard

16 July 2019
Bruce & Gina Senay & Gibson
After almost a month in Refugio it’s time to move farther north – anchors up at 5:30 am for a 9.5 hour jib sail into Bahia Willard. DreamCatcher was in need of provisioning – gas was low, no fruit or veggies, wifi withdrawal and the temperatures were rising (the humidity had arrived!) so it was time to head back to civilization. Bahia Willard is a small fishing community with an upscale resort (woohoo for wifi!!) – great first stop towards San Felipe. Photo courtesy of Google.

Puerto Refugio

13 July 2019
Bruce & Gina Senay & Gibson
Fish harvesting was slow going for a while since the pole spear band kept breaking – after multiple repair attempts the captain redirected his efforts to a fishing pole. Once he learned to take off the leader and finding tiny hooks (attaching steak grizzle to them) he had all the triggerfish he could eat (supplemented with yellowtail and grouper). Happy captain!

Puerto Refugio (West Bight)

09 July 2019
Bruce & Gina Senay & Gibson
A lovely moon is rising over the mountains! We are watching the sermon series “The Unsettling Solution For Just About Everything” by Andy Stanley. People who were nothing like Jesus liked Jesus. One word explains why: grace. Jesus came to offer us the undeserved, unearned, unearnable favor of grace.

Puerto Refugio (West Bight)

03 July 2019
Bruce & Gina Senay & Gibson
We took a dinghy ride over to Isla Granito to see the large rookery of sea lions. They serenade us 24/7, but we are now so used to the noise we barely hear them!

Puerto Refugio (West Bight)

25 June 2019
Bruce & Gina Senay & Gibson
Time to move again! We again followed s/v Hobbit Feet and s/v Strange Byrds to the West Bight anchorage for more exploring, food and fellowship. We had Mediterranean night aboard Strange Byrds and made bread for everyone aboard DreamCatcher. We’ve learned the good snorkeling spots, the best time for visibility (clearest one hour before major low tide of the day), burned trash, the dog has done beach cleanups on three beaches and was rewarded with a Rapala fishing lure among the trash and lots of beautiful shells were found. Marina (s/v Hobbit Feet) sailed away for a short trip to San Felipe, then on to San Diego (by land) taking with her a short veggie/fruit list for us for when she returns to the anchorage. We will definitely be in need of fresh veggies by then. We are now the sole boat in the anchorage, as s/v Strange Byrds has departed for Puerto Penasco.

Puerto Refugio (West Bay)

22 June 2019
Bruce & Gina Senay & Gibson
OK – time to move to West Bay (less than a mile) for a change of pace. s/v Hobbit Feet and s/v Strange Byrds went ahead of us – we enjoyed kayaking the area together, Bruce and Brian fished and we had a fun pizza party aboard DreamCatcher!

Bahia Las Rocas to Puerto Refugio (Middle Bight)

20 June 2019
Bruce & Gina Senay & Gibson
34 mile trip – 28 sailing with winds from 3 – 30 knots (all points of the compass). The Canal de Ballenas, surrounding mountains and a 10’ tidal range made for “interesting” currents and waves. Bruce made his donation to Neptune with another Rapala fishing lure – sigh. We anchored among friends (Amante, Joyita, Hobbit Feet and Strange Byrds) – excited to learn there was a bonfire scheduled that night – woohoo! We haven’t seen Anna and Brian on s/v Strange Byrds since Santispac – looking forward to spending time with them! We met them in Guatemala five years ago – blessed!

La Gringa to Bahia Las Rocas

18 June 2019
Bruce & Gina Senay & Gibson
Long trip – a 2.5 mile motor with no wind brought us to this lovely anchorage at Isla Coronado. The volcano was a striking backdrop to the rocky islands that made up this anchorage. Bruce fished (unsuccessfully – sigh) and I kayaked – just beautiful! I took this photo of a large, orange barrel sponge while kayaking – fun!
Vessel Name: DreamCatcher
Vessel Make/Model: Island Packet 45
Hailing Port: Clearwater, FL
Crew: Bruce Senay & Gina Gibson
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