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Punta Mezquitito to Santa Rosalia

12 April 2019
Bruce & Gina Senay & Gibson
Another forecast 0-5 with reality being 20-25 on the nose two hours into the journey. Blessed to see a breaching whale and glad to be back in Santa Rosalia. We’ll be here till the end of May, as we have a US trip planned in a few weeks. Photo is our beautiful Punta Mezquitito shell bounty! We started the three-part series “Prepared” by Andy Stanley – how to defend your faith without losing your mind!
1 Peter 3:15 Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.

Punta Mezquitito

09 April 2019
Bruce & Gina Senay & Gibson
Fun time with sweet friends Jeff and Kim (s/v Damiana) – we explored the shell beach (amazing!), walking through the abandoned hotel and had dinner aboard their boat. Kim made me a bottle of orange vanilla essential oils - blessed!

Santo Domingo to Punta Mezquitito

08 April 2019
Bruce & Gina Senay & Gibson
Left at sunrise – winds predicted 0-5 for all day – within an hour had 20+ on the nose! Punta Mezquitito is known for its thick layer of shells – we picked up a big bucketful!

Playa Santispac to Santo Domingo

07 April 2019
Bruce & Gina Senay & Gibson
After two months in Bahia Concepcion it’s time to start moving north. We motored one hour - eight miles to Santo Domingo – very rolly as the north wind has picked up. Heading out tomorrow morning to start moving towards Santa Rosalia where we’ll stay till the end of May. Photo is sea lions sunning themselves!

Playa Coyote

02 April 2019
Bruce & Gina Senay & Gibson
Dog overboard!! It was a sad story……. Bruce was working on our arch davit lift and slipped off the stern rail into the water!! Not sure what happened, but I’m happy to report he didn’t hit the dink (it was behind the boat) and he safely made it back aboard (minus the shackle pin, oh well…). It happened so quickly I couldn’t get a pic, but here’s my sketch.

Playa Burro to Playa Santispac

21 March 2019
Bruce & Gina Senay & Gibson
A south wind has picked up so we motored 45 minutes back to Santispac – feels like home!! Tomorrow is veggie Friday – looking forward to buying fresh veggies out of a pickup truck!

Playa Coyote to Playa Burro

19 March 2019
Bruce & Gina Senay & Gibson
Less than a mile motor into Playa Coyote - all of it on land according to the chart plotter. Photo is of one of our “rides” into Mulege – crazy!!

Playa Santispac to Playa Coyote

17 March 2019
Bruce & Gina Senay & Gibson
After six weeks in Playa Santispac (our longest anchorage in eight years!) we made the short jump (3 miles) to Playa Coyote to meet up with John and Susie (s/v Emmy). Coyote is a quiet anchorage with both lovely homes and RV’s on the shoreline. Susie and I explored the bay kayaking and I baked cinnamon rolls –plus lots of reading and napping aboard DreamCatcher!

Playa Santispac

10 March 2019
Bruce & Gina Senay & Gibson
Happy birthday Big Dog!!! Bruce celebrated his birthday with a beach bonfire party – good food, friends and chocolate cupcakes with purple icing! A special birthday surprise was our friends Paul and Gena (s/v Scarlet Fever) who sailed in for the party - blessed!

Playa Santispac

27 February 2019
Bruce & Gina Senay & Gibson
Well, its time to start up the watermaker – we have had it pickled for the last four years (I know, I know, but we skip in and out of marinas so have been able to fill the water tanks either at a fuel stop or marina stay). It wasn’t a fun project! Bruce labored five long days and was finally able to get it running at half capacity (20 gph). We are awaiting parts to get it up to full speed (40 gph). Super thankful!! We have started back watching the Andy Stanley series “Follow” – Jesus invites everyone to follow Him. When transition, trouble or temptation cause you to question your faith – you’ve got to ask “if not Jesus, who? If not Christianity, what?”.
John 6:69 We have come to believe and to know that you are the holy one of God.
Vessel Name: DreamCatcher
Vessel Make/Model: Island Packet 45
Hailing Port: Clearwater, FL
Crew: Bruce Senay & Gina Gibson
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