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San Carlos

25 January 2019
Our marina is in a lovely bay with Cerro Tetakawi off our bow – we hiked Tetakawi today (1,200’) with friends Barb, Myra and Bill. One and a half hours up, and one and a half hours down (lots of bottom sliding and wobbly legs!). If any of you have seen the 1970 movie Catch 22, Cerro Tetakawi is in the background for many of the airfield shots. Gorgeous 360 degree views - thank you Lord! Hoping to depart San Carlos Friday, February 1st for the passage back to the Baja side, hiding out in Concepcion Bay until the strong northerly fronts end.
Psalm 90:2 Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the whole world, from everlasting to everlasting, you are God.

San Carlos

16 January 2019
Jan. 3 - 16, 2019 We’re home from the Christmas holidays with family and now tackling boat chores – we installed new batteries, a new router and our new Iridium Go satellite hotspot (no more SPOT tracking). Our Go will enable us to get text messages and grib weather files via the internet – yay! Our tracking page:


10 December 2018
December 5-10, 2018 At long last DreamCatcher’s much needed bottom job has been done! Marcus and the Guaymas Fonatur yard did an excellent job and she is once again clean and shiny! Next project – installing our new batteries….

Buenos Aires

29 November 2018
November 24 – 29, 2018 Buenos Aires was big and beautiful! The greater Buenos Aires area includes several districts and has a population of 14 million. We rented an Airbnb in the heart of the city overlooking the Obelisk and explored via walking tours and a boat ride in El Tigre. The eclectic European architecture and tango dance are top draws for visitors with the famous Argentinian steak at all the restaurants! Don’t forget, Argentina is also known for pizza and ice cream – yum!


24 November 2018
November 13 – 24, 2018 Amazing trip aboard the G Adventures s/v Expedition. Hard to describe the beauty – each day held new breathtaking experiences. Trip of a lifetime – we are blessed!

San Carlos

01 November 2018
Fun time kayaking with Barb – lots of gorgeus islands nearby with small caverns and arches to explore!

San Carlos

30 October 2018
A fun day with new friends! We met Barb and Brad (Canadians now living in San Carlos) at Agape Church Sunday morning and they graciously offered to show us around. San Carlos is a beachfront subdivision within the port city of Guaymas, in the northern state of Sonora. It is noted for the exceptional clarity and warmth of the ocean water in its shallow bays and is surrounded by beautiful mountains. With nearly 7,000 inhabitants, it offers good restaurants and small stores with close proximity to the larger town of Guaymas. San Carlos is only six hours from the US and is a popular boat storage location for part time cruisers – last weekend the Tucson Sailing Club held a regatta here at our marina!! DreamCatcher will be in Marina San Carlos for one month while we do land travel, returning to haul her, paint the bottom and head out again!
Psalm 103:10 He does not deal with us according to our sins, nor repay us according to our iniquities.

Santa Rosalia to San Carlos

26 October 2018
October 25 - 26, 2018 What a sweet sail! We crossed the Golfo once again with a 75 mile overnight passage to Mexico’s mainland arriving at 7:30 am into San Carlos. We had a glorious full moon with light winds of 6-12, calm seas and no other boating traffic. A peaceful 17 hour passage with the captain enjoying lots of catnaps between alarms. Blessed!

Santa Rosalia

24 October 2018
We’ve had a fun time in Santa Rosalia – made new friends, ate at lots of new restaurants (Tonka rocks!) and weathered TS Sergio (only drama our electrical dock pedestal exploded!! Post mortem forensic study by electrician revealed a 50 amp breaker on a 30 amp service!). Thankful we had an extra receptacle aboard! We are wrapping up the “Follow” sermon series with Andy Stanley – it’s better to follow God’s will than to try to impose our own. Following God’s will means wanting what he wants more than what we want. God’s hand can’t be forced; His will can’
Luke 22:42 Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.


08 October 2018
October 5 - 8, We made a quick land yacht trip from Santa Rosalia to Ensenada (13 hours) with our friend Jim (m/v Sun Hunter) in his pickup truck. This part of Mexico is new to us and we were amazed at the stark contrasts in landscape as we made the 510 mile trip. The land was sometimes barren, or rocky, or filled with cactus, or mountainous - just gorgeous! We stayed with our friend Paul (s/v Scarlet Fever) - trying new restaurants, coffee shops and sailing each afternoon in the bay aboard his beautiful Jeanneau 50. We returned to Santa Rosalia via his Lexus SUV hybrid (way smoother ride/less gas stops!!!) with Graham (Paul's friend) driving (another 13 hours). Fun but fast weekend!
Vessel Name: DreamCatcher
Vessel Make/Model: Island Packet 45
Hailing Port: Clearwater, FL
Crew: Bruce Senay & Gina Gibson
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