Dream Keeper

Santa Maria di Leuca to Crotone, Italy

30 May 2008
5/30/2008 Santa Maria de Luca to Crotone, Italy: We left Maria de Luca for Crotone about 7:30 am to 6:30pm. We arrived in Crotone. The harbor attendant appoints us to a slip along the quay. A quay is basically a wall with rings on it. The boat is tied up as usual Med style, stern in, bow out. In this harbor mooring lines are already anchored to the bottom. We simply grab the lines with a boat hook at the stern of the boat, walk the lines forward to tie up the bow. Toss two stern lines to the attendant on the quay. These are then doubled back to the boat and tied off. We needed to get closer to the quay, so we backed the boat in reverse to tighten up the bow lines and to get closer to the pier. Upon doing this we snagged a mooring line in the prop. Woops! Dave hopped onto shore and looked over the situation. The line was going straight under the boat. I'm thinking we may have to go swimming to untangle the line. We fired up the boat and bumped the engine in reverse while Dave pulled on the line. We were hoping the line would unwind which it did. Off to town to get a bit to eat. I'm on the search for pasta and sausage. We have not found this yet and have been to two towns in Italy. Not sure what the problem is. Certainly part of the issue is inability to read Italian. Some menus have both. We settled on a nice little spot on the water, just a few feet from the beach. I ordered some gamberoni grilled. This is grilled shrimp. It arrived with the heads and all. You have to clean them table side. Upon leaving the restraint we were walking back to the boat and some loud music was set up in the streets. People are everywhere. Apparently the Rubber Soul's were playing. This is a Tribute band to the Beatles. They were Italian's dressed and looked the like the Beatles. They were pretty good as we listened to them play for about an hour and a half until they shut down. We then headed back to the boat for the evening. I got in early at 1AM.
Vessel Name: Dream Keeper