Dream Keeper

Crotone to Rocella Ionica, Italy

31 May 2008
We left Crotone, Italy this morning. I awoke at 8am having gone to bed earlier last night at 1am vs 4:30am the previous night. Dave is still asleep so Phil and I got the boat underway. After dropping the mooring lines and putting the boat in forward gear, funny noises were gurgling from below. There were apparantely some left over mooring lines on the prop which was severed the previous day while tying to the quay. A few shifts in and out of gear and we were clear to go. The prop shaft has a line cutter on it. After getting going it was now time for a bit to eat. So, I whipped up some scrambled eggs, cheese, and made some toast for Phil and I. Dave does not eat breakfast and was still asleep. The wind is picking up a bit so we put up some sail. Eventually it is a nice 12-15kts. So, I get all the sails out. We even flew the cutter sail. This is the first time
Souverain has sailed both head sails at the same time. We picked up an extra .5 kts. Boat speed is good hitting bursts of 8kts. The seas have flattened out now with the wind dropping to below 10kts. So the iron sail is back on and were motor sailing. Sailing the Halberg Rassey 53 is a breese. Both head sails are on roller furlers as is the main sail. It is a matter of pushing a button or two and the sails roll in or out via hydraulics. I'll have to ask Laurel my wife if I can get these added to Dream Keeper on our return.
As were typing here I've decided to see if I can catch us some dinner. So out goes the lure and fishing line. I'm hoping for some large fish. An hour has gone by no dinner yet as the line is quiet. We just saw a mini Mega yacht go by. It appeared to be about 110' long. We could not see any people outside on it.
Vessel Name: Dream Keeper