Broughtons Cruise 2009

25 August 2009 | Tacoma Yacht Club, Tacoma WA
24 August 2009
24 August 2009 | TYC Eagle Harbor outstation, Bainbridge Island
20 August 2009 | Friday Harbor, San Juan Island
19 August 2009 | Deer Harbor, Orcas Island
18 August 2009 | Reid Harbor, Stewart Island
17 August 2009 | Sidney/North Saanich, BC
15 August 2009 | Fulford Harbour, Saltspring Island
14 August 2009 | Otter Bay, North Pender Island
12 August 2009 | Ganges, Saltspring Island
10 August 2009 | Telegraph Harbour, Thetis Island
09 August 2009 | Telegraph Harbour, Thetis Island
08 August 2009 | Clam Bay, Kuper Island
07 August 2009 | Among the Masses
07 August 2009 | Nanaimo, BC
05 August 2009 | Garden Bay, Pender Harbour
04 August 2009 | Lund, BC Mainland
02 August 2009 | Lagoon Cove Marina, East Cracroft Island
01 August 2009 | Waddington Bay, Bonwick Island
31 July 2009 | Laura Cove, Broughton Island

Telegraph encore

09 August 2009 | Telegraph Harbour, Thetis Island
a.m. rain, p.m. partial clearing, temp 75, wind S 15
If you've been following this tiresome tome from the beginning, you'll recall that Telegraph Harbour was our first stop after leaving Friday Harbor back on June 4. Here it was that we almost caught up with Night Music as they were ignominiously towed out of here to Nanaimo.

So today we have returned. The photo above is our attempt to recreate the one we took in June. If you're energetic, you can compare the two. Actually, there are still empty slips here tonight. Amazing! It's still pretty full.

We came around from Clam Bay, arriving about 1330. There are a couple of other TYC boats here, too. But it's not the Broughtons. No group Happy Hours here. Everyone does their own thing and keeps to themselves.

Layday tomorrow. We may take the ferry over to Chemainus. We've done it a zillion times before, but it's something to do. There's a good grocery store over there, if nothing else.
Vessel Name: Dreamtime
Vessel Make/Model: Ocean Alexander 40
Hailing Port: Gig Harbor, WA
Crew: Charlie & Diane Long
We are retired teachers who have been sailing in the Northwest for nearly 40 years. Charlie learned sailing and seamanship aboard his parents' Islander 24 back in the 60's. Diane learned out of self-defense when she realized she was marrying a sailor. [...]
The "Dreamtime" is the period in Australian aboriginal mythology known as the "time before time." It was during the Dreamtime that that ancestor spirits "dreamed" the world into existence. People often ask, "Why do you have a SNAKE as your logo?" The Rainbow Serpent, or Waugal, was the [...]

About us...

Who: Charlie & Diane Long
Port: Gig Harbor, WA