Dreamweaver in the Pacific

23 March 2012

The Preperation

23 March 2012
The preparation and planning for this trip began at the end of the last trip in October 2009! Certainly the desire to sail further afield and in particular the Pacific.

On to the nuts and bolts! Great plans, but after a few time consuming hurdles the changes and improvements to our beloved Dreamweaver [now Dreamweaver3, as it is now Australian registered and there were already 2

Dreamweaver's !] were quite modest. I might go into the details in another entry. Suffice to say Anne is fed up hoisting me up the mast, whilst I am getting very comfortable passing the day swinging in the breeze and giving the necessary orders!

Only a week to go and I am producing this new blog and Anne is creating the 'Cruising Card'. Jonathan is hopefully cramming for his exam next week. Then its agonizing over the weather.
Vessel Name: Dreamweaver3
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