DreamWeaver Journey

29 October 2016 | Portland Bay
29 October 2016 | Portland Bay
30 September 2016 | Portland Bay
29 August 2016
31 July 2016 | Portland Bay
11 March 2016 | Portland Bay
06 March 2016 | Portland Bay
04 March 2016 | Portland Bay
03 March 2016 | Portland Bay
03 March 2016 | Portland Victoria Australia
03 March 2016 | Portland Victoria Australia

Just the two of us!

29 October 2016 | Portland Bay
Today it was just the two of us. Had a great time! Lots of wind and sail!

Another great sail!

29 October 2016 | Portland Bay
Today we had stronger winds than what we have had over the last few times out. Loved every minute of it today.

Great Sail Tonight!

30 September 2016 | Portland Bay
We had a great sail tonight with the Portland Yacht Club Friday Night Sail. There were 7 yachts in the sail and followed up by a BBQ at the Yacht Club. Looking forward to our Friday social nights! This picture is a full shot of our yacht last night under full sail.

Calm Sea's

29 August 2016
Sunday was a great day to enjoy with good friends and new friends for a 3 1/2 hr cruise. The sea was so calm we had to motor some during our time out. Not necessary a bad thing since I enjoy calm waters but it would have been bad if we needed to get somewhere fast.
Our friends enjoyed the time out and that's what is important. Great day to enjoy some sun since we have had a lot of rain this winter. Looking forward to our next sail.

End of July Sail

31 July 2016 | Portland Bay
Today was a beautiful winter day with lots of sun,wind and warmer temps. Graham and I had a great time taking the yacht out for a two hr sail. One of our dogs Polie got to go out às well. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon plus we had a seal swimming along with us for a while. No sign of a whale or dolphins today. Can't for spring! See album for more photos.

Good Friday Sailing-Fishing Trip with Will and Bec

25 March 2016 | Portland Bay
Pat Mibus
Today was a perfect day to go out for a nice sail and do some fishing. It was Will and Bec's first time out on the yacht and a great day for Will to catch his first fish!
We were out for about 3 1/2 hrs and had a sprinkle of rain which did not last long so it didn't spoil the trip.
Be sure and take a look at the album from today's trip.
Will not only caught his first fish but he out did everyone else especially grandpa! He just reeling them in! Every time he threw the line out "BANG!" he had another one! His arms had to be tired by the end of this. I expect he slept really good after this trip.
The wind kept changing on us today which made for some trying times with the changing wind directions but the seas were good. Not much of a swell at all til we started on our way back in.
Vessel Name: DreamWeaver
Vessel Make/Model: Adams 40
Hailing Port: Portland VIC Australia
Crew: Graham and Pat Mibus
About: Husband and wife team
Extra: When we purchased DreamWeaver we pulled her out of the water and completely re-done the hull and the inside. Pictures are included of purchase and when she goes back into the water. Regular pictures will be posted as we go along our journey with DreamWeaver.
Home Page: http://www.sailblogs.com/member/dreamweaverjourney/
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Waiting to come out of the water
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Created 31 July 2016
Will's first fishing trip where he caught fish!
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