Drum - Baja ha ha

16 October 2008 | Marina Del Rey, California

Great start to an adventure...

16 October 2008 | Marina Del Rey, California
Betsey / Bright Sunshine, cold wine, no wind...
We're off to a great start at slowing our lives down a notch or two. We're sitting in the lovely (and posh) California Yacht Club in Marina Del Rey. It's hot and gorgeous here and there is absolutely NO WIND! We actually had to motor here yesterday from Ventura...taking 8 hours to travel the 50 nautical miles. Water skiers were overtaking us on the glass-like ocean. Sea otters and dolphins were partying all around us, poking fun at our snail pace.

We've spent the day at the pool and the laundry is done. All we need now is a little WIND!
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